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YouTube Music
Insights Data Visualizer SXSW

YouTube Music showcases their new mobile app

A 3D Art Inspired Music
Video Experience

To showcase their new music mobile app at SXSW, YouTube creates the YouTube Music Insights Data Visualizer, a unique listening and video music interactive. Large touchscreens and LED monitors, are focal points of a cavernous, multi-node experience created at YouTube’s SXSW music venue takeover.

Inspired by the vast amount of data available in the new Music Insights tool, specifically city-level data of artists around the globe, Sparks creates an experience that connects attendees with YouTube’s global music ecosystem that delivers tunes and the artists’ stories behind the music. The interactive looks like a 3D art installation with the in-depth storytelling and content experience of a museum—32 monitors driven by “55 in. mobile” devices running the YouTube Music app.

The three-day interactive touch spectacle engages music lovers and artists alike. Attendees listen to their favorite artists—artists listen to themselves—while each soaks up related content and fully immerses themselves in the YouTube Music experience.

  • Search YouTube artists and related content on multiple, interactive touchscreens
  • Custom experiential app built in collaboration with YouTube Engineering team
  • 32 monitors “art installation” inspired experience
  • “55 in. mobile” devices running the YouTube Music app drive the monitors


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