Exciting Platform for Storytellers and Content Creators

The Sandbox at Google Zeitgeist is the perfect environment to excite the world’s most prominent thought leaders and C-level executives about YouTube’s growing influence and technological advances in story making. The YouTube 360° Theater, an immersive projection-mapped cylindrical space that showcases 360° video content, introduces attendees to YouTube’s exciting new platform.

The distant glow of the theater entices attendees to enter and explore. Once inside, the immersive 360° video content literally surrounds the viewer. The touch table module at the center of the space allows visitors to drive the experience choosing video categories that range from outdoor sports to Discovery channel content. Viewers quickly jump from video to video using the interactive touchscreen application.

Travel vlogger Luis Cole, whose vlog content is featured as part of the demo content, is on hand to walk attendees through how he uses the platform as well as the process of how he shoots video using the new format.

The YouTube 360° Theater is equipped with bench seating to accommodate various viewing angles and to promote conversations about the new format and content. For a more personal experience, headsets paired with mobile devices provide a more intimate interaction.

The smart, circular theater design and the digital application drive home the power of YouTube’s new video platform—it dramatically demonstrates how 360° content enhances any subject matter and elevates storytelling to the next level.

  • Promotion of new YouTube 360° format and platform
  • Custom 360° theater experience
  • 19 ft. diameter circular theater with touch table controls
  • Featured vlogger Luis Cole as platform ambassador

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