Developing video content to foster connection and community at Workhuman Live

The Background

Workhuman is the world’s fastest growing social recognition and performance management platform. Its mission shapes the future of workplaces by helping organizations connect culture to a shared purpose.

The annual Workhuman Live conference brings together professionals from across industries to discuss, as the name suggests, how to make work more human. Along with the insightful sessions, it offers an immersive space that encourages attendees to introspect, interact and exchange ideas on important topics like gratitude, diversity and inclusion, and other pressing issues shaping the future of work.

While event awareness is always a goal, Workhuman wants to ensure the audience gets a deeper understanding of the relationship between the cultural movement and the company’s technology. In working with Workhuman, we generate a deeper understanding of the brand values that power the conference and the products that put the vision into real-life work environments.

Developing the Workhuman Live Austin Opening and Closing Video Content

Workhuman Live 2018 was in Austin, which some consider to be the music capital of the world. They therefore wanted an impactful opening that featured music. They also wanted a concept that tied into the Workhuman theme of great things happening when people work together. The result: bringing musicians with diverse styles together to write a song. The opening video featured the making-of the magic, followed by an incredibly moving live performance by the band.

In addition to the opening video, Sparks was also responsible for the creative direction and execution of motion graphics for six keynote sessions.

The closing video was a compilation of all conference activities over the event’s three days. Edited overnight before the last show day, and displayed on the keynote stage, it served as an impactful close to the event.

Customer Awards Ceremony

The Workhuman Live Austin conference also included a Customer Awards Ceremony celebrating the achievements of its over 400 invite-only attendees. The awards dinner featured videos honoring each winner and conveying a personal thanks from Workhuman. The video content, produced and edited by Sparks, incorporated graphics and animation highlighting the winner’s achievements.

Customer Testimonials

Sparks filmed interviews between Workhuman and customers that they wanted to showcase at the event. Some of these were woven into the closing video, and others intended for other future content marketing initiatives.

Key Highlights

Workhuman Live Austin attendees felt excited to be a part of the community and movement that is on a mission to create real change. They left with the knowledge and understanding that Workhuman can help them achieve their goals because they have seen the data that proves it, and they understand how the products work. As a result, they will buy into Workhuman and become ambassadors as well.

  • 3-day annual professional development and user conference
  • 3,000 attendees; Austin Convention Center
  • 6 keynotes and 47 breakout sessions
  • Customer awards ceremony for 400