PUBG Grand Finals I

The biggest names on Twitch and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS [PUBG] pros and streamers battle it out for $300,000 at Seattle’s Paramount Theater at PAX West. Transporting attendees to the Broadcaster Royale Grand Finals I from the Washington State Convention Center is an immersive, three-block, full-scale, authentic recreation of PUBG’s game experience. Once at the hot drop, fans experience the Grand Finals in a complete, Twitch/PUBG Paramount Theater takeover.

The Transport

Attendees exit the convention center and climb aboard the Vietnam vintage 6x6 transport truck while a PUBG cosplay/squad leader readies the team for the theater hot drop as they are transported three full Seattle blocks. The last leg of the mission [a 9th Ave. takeover] starts by getting past the security tower. Our gritty team is enveloped with explosive, giant red plumes from iconic PUBG supply crates as the truck traverses obstacles such as a Unimog transport truck, burned-out cars and Tuk Tuks; the entire block is an authentic recreation of game sights and sounds. PUBG cosplayers meet the transport as it pulls up to the theater and our heroic attendees disembark. A deflated parachute hangs off the edge of the marquee still connected to a PUBG supply crate on the sidewalk. The intrepid Twitch attendees are rewarded with extra swag as they enter the Paramount Theater.

The Theater

Once inside Paramount Theater, attendees experience a full Twitch and PUBG property 2D/3D takeover from the lobby to the stage; authentic game-sourced objects such as parachutes, crates, vehicles and more. Photos ops include a game-sourced UAZ Jeep and a Twitch Prime green screen experience. Ice cream and snow cones are served from an authentic PUBG supply crate. Gear is available for purchase at the Twitch/PUBG Swag Store as fans grab a seat to watch the Battle Royale action. The stage, flanked left and right by two game image 55 x 30 ft. graphic backdrops, includes a play-by-play commentator’s zone with game action projected on a large center screen. A three-quarter scale PUBG paratrooper with inflated parachute hangs above the players’ pods positioned in front of the stage. Players, famous and infamous, stopped by for interviews and autographs. A perfect environment that hits all the right chords for the PUBG Season 1 Grand Finals.

Game asset highlights

  • UAZ Jeep for photo op
  • 969 6x6 transport truck
  • Unimog transport truck
  • 2 Tuk Tuks [auto rickshaws]
  • Desert Storm Fast Attack Vehicle [FAV]
  • 5 supply crates
  • 6 parachutes
  • 50 tires
  • 20 ammo cases
  • 15 gun crates
  • 18 K rails
  • 5 toxic drums
  • 9 road closure barricades
  • 10 bicycle barricades
  • 18 barrels

Social media and digital support

  • Twitch Pax West Broadcaster Royal full-service social media management
  • Social engagement monitoring and escalation to Twitch team
  • 200+ graphic & animation social media assets
  • Created a PUBG player card game
  • PUBG-themed Easter egg scavenger hunt
  • 3 full-day, on-site photo and video for live social shares
  • Sponsor photo capture and editing equipment support
  • 3-day event live social support and photo/video coverage

Experiential highlights
  • 4,000 attendees; Paramount Theater, Seattle
  • 3-day Esports broadcast on Twitch network
  • Complete PUBG game-themed takeover of Paramount Theater
  • Complete experiential journey design from transport to theater experience

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