Celebration of the Brand’s Commitment to Leadership

At NRF, Trax takes its place on the show floor with a 1,200 sq. ft. exhibit that boosts brand awareness, drives retailers to Trax technology, takes attendees on an engaging journey, and ultimately, prompts a deeper conversation that drives the sales cycle forward.

Achieving the Goal

When it comes to the experience and its design, Trax commits to building an environment with multiple, specific use-case vignettes (designed for a variety of retail settings) that engages guests to start and complete a defined journey through the booth. The space’s inspiration and theme is “The Store of the Future.” 

To achieve its exhibition goals, Trax integrates technology, storytelling, and its products to create the perfect combination of modern design, bold branding, and functionality. The experience showcases Trax’s innovation, scalability, and applications.

To provide a stickiness in the booth, the design creates a specific traffic flow and choreography that delivers Trax’s futuristic technology, including facial recognition for retail products, in immersive, specifically-designed retail environments. The booth also includes semi-private, designated spaces for deep-dive, executive conversation. Additionally, Trax partners’ equipment is showcased throughout in a seamlessly integrated partner technology zone. 

Design Elements
In creating a presence at NRF, facilitating brand awareness is a requirement for Trax’s success. With a location in the back of the hall, Trax’s purple and gold full-perimeter hanging sign is highly visible to cut through the visual “noise” of the convention hall. Each vignette is curated and stocked with actual retail display cases, coolers, and authentic consumer products.

Visitor journeys are curated by attendee type and supported by smart wayfinding elements. Each retail vignette is designed to showcase a Trax technology solution. Demo areas include:


  • Shelf & Fresh Food Demo
  • Cooler Screens Demo
  • Endcap Demo
  • Cooler Demo
  • Shelf Demo
  • Ad-Hoc Demo

To gain awareness and amplify its messaging, Trax uses social media before, during, and after the show.


Trax retail solutions are innovative, scalable, and industry-tested, as well as easily integrated across the retail value chain and into retailers’ existing infrastructure. The NRF experience fully immerses attendees in the Trax brand. The combination of the physical journey, unique vignettes, creative technology, and a carefully crafted script, Trax leaves their mark on this year’s NRF.


“This year, our marketing team wanted to make an impression. We wanted to be THE company that visitors would talk about at the show and remember long after. From our first phone call with the Sparks team, they stood clearly above the rest. Throughout our project every member of the Sparks team consistently delivered above our expectations. It is now February, and our event was a tremendous success. Our exhibit and presence at NRF was the best planned, designed, constructed and executed I have ever managed.” – Doug Benson, VP Marketing Americas, Trax


  • 1,200 sq. ft.; custom design and hybrid build
  • Immersive retail vignettes with display cases, coolers and products
  • Visitor journey curated by attendee type and smart wayfinding
  • Prominent architecture, bold branding and modern materials
  • Integrated partner technology zone
  • Semi-private meeting space

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