Individual Moments Throughout a Space Tell One Amazing Story.

The Challenge

The creation of the Toyota Experience Center (TEC) set out to celebrate the illustrious past of Toyota’s automotive ingenuity in North America and offer an inspiring look into the future of mobility. With so much physical space to cover and such a robust history spanning many decades and a number of topics, an engaging, interactive space that told the Toyota story was required.


The story of Toyota unfolds as visitors walk through the five galleries of the 44,000-square-foot Center, guided by a variety of content and interactive media. The space needed to be expansive but not overwhelming, so a narrative was created to break TEC into a series of galleries and exhibits - History, Racing: Past, Present and Future, Here & Now, Dealer Experience - that were meant to be explored. Throughout the attendee journey, additional moments were created to help highlight the people stories that add to the Toyota legacy and brand.


Visitors begin their journey with a look into the customer experience, an actual Toyota customer service work space where representatives assist customers remotely. We start with an energetic experience with a motion graphics video paired with a driving beat sound track and animated wordplay to create an overview of Toyota’s celebrated customer care.

As attendees move through the History and Heritage gallery, videos play on monitors above, highlighting vehicles from five decades chronicling the arrival and early history of Toyota in North America. From there, it’s into the Racing Gallery where visitors are surrounded by Toyota’s high-speed history in a dramatic visual display of race cars on the floor, walls, and ceiling.

This space is enhanced by a video montage of Toyota racing projected onto the wall with an accompanying soundtrack, creating the feeling of being right there on the tarmac as the cars whiz by. The Here and Now Gallery showcases current Toyota production models and the latest print and digital ads via dramatic screens, adding to the multimedia experience.

Ultimately the galleries begin to move with the attendee into the future. A Dealership Experience features an interactive to allow attendees to explore the current product lines, all by viewing individual custom videos per model that could be projected onto any surface. Centered in the Dealership was the Avalon video projection interactive that allows attendees to explore individual innovative features of this key Toyota vehicle. Adjacent to this gallery is the Innovation Space which houses a research lab and is introduced via a large-scale screen experience. A patent and innovators interactive highlights a database of nearly 2,000 patents filed by Toyota.


The Toyota Experience Center officially welcomes in employees, guests, and press from around the world with an experience that is visually beautiful and also tells the deep story of Toyota’s legacy. As the culmination of a two year engagement, Sparks created digital content for over 65 screens within the space, 10 custom videos and 7 interactive projects, managed the technical equipment and install, and created a custom content management system for Toyota to control monitors and stations remotely via tablet. The TEC ultimately tells the story of Toyota’s past while showing the attendees the future and the possibilities of the brand.