TIBCO NOW: The Connected Experience Virtual Conference


Every year, TIBCO NOW brings together prominent influencers, thought leaders, executives, engineers, developers, analysts, journalists and more to share the latest technological innovations and strategies. Together, they examine the impact of these innovations and strategies on the future of business and society. In the wake of the pandemic and originally slated to be an in-person event, TIBCO NOW morphs into a completely digital experience - the TIBCO Connected Experience.

The Challenge

Reimagine and refocus TIBCO NOW from a live, in-person user conference to a wholly digital experience that provides attendees with robust content in an engaging, brand-centric, real-time environment, while maintaining high levels of engagement with customers, partners, and prospects.

The Solution

Design, develop, and deploy a virtual conference platform for the TIBCO Connected Experience that delivers meaningful content and fosters connection and engagement among attendees, with an infrastructure that can be leveraged, updated, and modified for use at future TIBCO virtual and/or hybrid events.

The TIBCO NOW Custom Event Platform

To support TIBCO’s need to deliver over 120 sessions, 37 demos, and showcase 22 sponsors in a digital format, (all the while creating a memorable attendee experience), Sparks works with the brand to develop a custom, TIBCO NOW event platform.

The TIBCO NOW custom event platform hosts the TIBCO Connected Experience, and is built using the framework of the Sparks’ proprietary digital event platform, Virtu. The platform’s live “channel-based” interface hosts more than 120 sessions around the globe and around the clock. Attendees select streaming sessions from a host of channel topics, as well as build a personal calendar of sessions they’d like to watch. Additionally, they have the ability to network with sponsors or TIBCO demo experts on dedicated content pages, and enter to win prizes through the passport program, which tracks and rewards visits to the sponsor and demo pages. These interactive features all contribute to a dynamic virtual attendee experience, and can be leveraged for future TIBCO large-scale single or multi-event programs.


TIBCO NOW Sessions

In the custom event platform, sessions take place in ‘Room View’ formats - engagement rich landing pages centered around content or a topic. Top features include featured content (livestream or on-demand), a group chat, topical resources, related content stream, and a display of session speakers, complete with networking opportunities (attendees can click on speaker profiles to view social media links or engage in a room chat).

TIBCO NOW Networking

‘Room’ modules offer up several networking opportunities for attendees, including group chats, speaker profiles, content specific discussion groups, a meeting scheduler, and much more.

Amping Up the Fun

One of the platform’s most engaging features is its ability to amp up the fun by incorporating interactive social experiences. This includes prizes, giveaways, and sponsored engagements. Additional fun elements include alternative content like coffee vs. tea debates, yoga, mixology with executives, and more!

The TIBCO Connected Experience User Journey

Access to the full TIBCO Connected Experience (including related sessions, workshops, and a post-conference, on-demand library) comes with premium registration. A limited amount of content available to the general public who register for free.

Login and Homepage

Once logged in, attendees can select from a range of prompts in the header, including ‘Browse Channels’, ‘Our Speakers’, ‘Explore TIBCO’, ‘Discover Sponsors’, and ‘Questions and Answers.’

They can also click on a range of icons on the home page header, including ‘Search,’ and a user photo icon (to access their profile). On the Search page, results include tags (session, resource, speaker, demo, sponsor) to help categorize content.

At the bottom of the page, users can choose to learn more about the event’s sponsors or visit TIBCO’s social media channels.

TIBCO NOW Demo Page(s)

The ‘Explore TIBCO’ prompt on the homepage takes attendees to a full demo library. After choosing a demo to watch, a chat module appears next to the stream, allowing attendees to engage in a group chat. They can also browse available resources by scrolling through a footer at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor Page(s)

Tools for Sponsors - Showcase and Sponsor Pages

Customizable Showcase and Sponsor Pages include featured content (on-demand), custom branding, a chat module where attendees can connect and ask questions, book a meeting with sponsor, downloadable and linked resources, related content stream, and a section to house sponsored experiences (i.e. sponsored content sessions).

The ‘Discover Sponsors’ section of the Sponsor page lays out each sponsorship tier (Loaded, Premium, Connected, Basic). By clicking or touching a sponsorship tier, users can view all sponsors in a given tier. Conversely, attendees can scroll down the page to view each tier and click on individual sponsors for more information.

Sponsor pages differ per tier level. ‘Loaded’ Sponsor pages include a Digital Presence header (custom branding/messaging graphics, brand color, and a profile image), a 90-second welcome video, an ‘About’ section, Chat Module, On-Demand content area, and up to five downloadable documents in the ‘Resources’ section. ‘Premium’ and ‘Connected’ sponsor pages feature the same elements, with the only differences being a trimmed down ‘About Us’ text and less available downloadable documents. ‘Basic’ Sponsor pages come with a simpler header, Resources (up to two), and an On-Demand content area - with the welcome video feature omitted.

Attendees can book a meeting, regardless of sponsorship level, by clicking the ‘Book a Meeting’ navigational prompt in the header of any sponsor’s page and completing a pop-up form.

Channel Page(s)

Each TIBCO NOW content channel page, ‘Center Stage’, ‘Discover NOW’, ‘Vision and Value’, ‘NOW Plus’, and ‘NOW Educate’, includes content-specific featured sessions as well as a row of upcoming sessions, which users can either add to their agenda or click on for more details. Chat modules sit next to featured sessions and include ‘Room’ or group discussions to ask questions.

Session Page(s)

Attendees can also watch sessions on individual session landing pages. The given session sits at the top of the page and includes a navigational prompt to ‘add it to your calendar’ or a ‘Watch Now’ button. Individual session pages include a speaker abstract under the stream, resources, and related sessions (driven by the chosen tag). During any session, users can click on the ‘Share’ button to share it on the social media channel of their choice.

If a given session can only be viewed with premium registration, a message will appear to alert users accordingly and include information about the different registration packages along with an option to upgrade (the upgrade button links directly to the registration system).

Profile Builder - Speaker/Attendee Profile Page(s)

Speakers and attendees can build robust profile pages, with the option to add a profile photo, cover photo, basic information (name, job title, company, etc.), and social media profile links. They can also choose from areas of interest to receive tailored content suggestions.

When viewing their own, they can rotate between the calendar, ‘Passport Program’ (more on this below), and ‘Account Settings.’ The best part? They never have to leave their profile page to view/edit any section (editing works in a pop-up format). Public speaker pages also include a bio and upcoming sessions.

The Passport Program

Attendees can accrue Passports stamps throughout the TIBCO Connected Experience. Attendees receive an entry into the prize for every 20 number of collected stamps. They can unlock up to 3 stamps per sponsor or demo page based on the defined list of interactions and enter into the drawing more than 3 times. This exploration-based mechanism encourages engagement throughout the platform.

Booking a Meeting - Attendee Flow

After sending a meeting request, attendees select the length of time (15 minute increments) and date. On the backend, demo owners and sponsors pre-select available dates and times for the duration of the event. Once the meeting is confirmed, attendees add the meeting to their own personal calendar or automate through the Calendly app. A calendar invite will appear on demo owners and sponsors calendars. Attendees’ personal calendars will have a pre-filled invitation along with the video conferencing software chosen by the demo and sponsor teams.


The TIBCO Connected Experience welcomes more than 7,000 attendees, exceeding its original goal of 4,000 and underscores TIBCO’s mission to bring people together for a meaningful experience that puts connection first.

  • TIBCO’s global annual user conference event
  • Custom event platform built on Sparks’ proprietary Virtu framework
  • Over 120 sessions and 5 channels in a live “channel based” interface
  • Robust chat functionality tools, including polling
  • Attendee profile builder and personalized attendee calendar
  • Dedicated sponsor and TIBCO demo expert pages with resources and chat networking
  • Passport program rewards attendee sponsor page visits with prizes

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