Telling a Story of Collaboration

When TIBCO acquired Information Builders (ibi)i, a leading company in data and analytics, they sought to create a virtual experience that would not only mark the two companies coming together, but welcome ibi customers into the TIBCO family.

Enter TIBCO + ibi: The Power of Together, a one-day, educational online experience designed to provide ibi clients with an overview of TIBCO products and services, with a focus on the TIBCO + ibi commitment to customer service.

The TIBCO+ibi custom event was developed utilizing the pre-existing TIBCO NOW platform, built on Sparks’ proprietary Virtu framework. Several creative design and UX/UI updates were instilled into the platform to provide attendees with a unique experience. Notable integrated user features included:

  • Multi-channel agenda
  • Personal agenda and profile builder
  • Pre, live, and post-session pages
  • Three session channels with specialized speaker content and live chat
  • Supplementary Open Forum sessions focused on chatting with speakers and executives allowing for a more personalized experience

Due to the collaboration across all teams and a streamlined experience, TIBCO + ibi event ran smoothly and successfully, all the while elevating the TIBCO + ibi team and collaborative story.

Key Highlights

  • Featured live and on-demand channels by time zones and regions
  • Provided various chat topics during agenda breaks to keep engagement going
  • Integrated surveys into each session or on demand page
  • Swoogo integration for registration

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