Tableau makes its debut as a member of the Salesforce family at Dreamforce

The Background:

Dreamforce is the perfect platform for Tableau to make its debut as a member of the Salesforce family. The Tableau experience space not only reflects the Salesforce Campground theme, but stays true to the Tableau brand that developers know and trust.

With a presence that complements Dreamforce, Tableau brings its data visualization culture to life, showcases its product demos, and provides a colorful and playful environment for developers to learn, connect, and hang out.

The Experience and Design:

As attendees arrive at the Tableau experience, located in the heart of the Dreamforce campus, they’re greeted by large branding moments. The entrance, showcasing the new “Tableau, a Salesforce Company” logo, features the familiar national park campground look, complete with trees and graphically treated columns.

First Floor

The first floor of the Tableau experience is vibrant and interactive. The first thing waiting for attendees when they enter the space? A fun photo moment! The experience comes complete with 5 ft. high dimensional letters spelling out the hashtag, “#DATA.” Temporary structures feature large graphics covering every wall on the first floor of the space. What’s more, a large LED tile array provides an area for presentations and a live stream of the Dreamforce Keynote presentation.

Custom benches in the shape of the Tableau signature “sparkle” invite attendees to sit and relax during presentations, and overflow from the four custom, wood trellis demo stations. To amp up the Tableau experience even more, the space features a live DJ area, DATA+Music, featuring a custom trellis wall and ceiling, as well as a beautiful, living green wall that bridges the branding between Tableau and Salesforce.

Rounding out the first floor is a bar and Instagrammable food moment, with pretzels and donuts hanging on pegs waiting to be scooped up by attendees.

Second Floor

Fun Data bubbles envelop the elevator and the stairs, both available for attendees to use to get to the second floor. We love a photo booth moment and that’s exactly what’s waiting for attendees when they make their way to the second floor. Fun, data bubble props with cute phrases like “DATA ROCKSTAR”, “DATA + WOMEN” are fun additions to the photo booth experience. After leaving the photo booth, participants enter the Viz Gallery, where Various Data Visualization stories are elegantly displayed behind glass with beautiful wood frames.

After exiting the Gallery, attendees step into the Developers lounge and “Meet the Experts” under another trellis and living wall environment with playful sputnik style chandeliers. The lounge includes 8 more demo stations, colorful lounge seating and custom, removable DATA wallpaper.

The Bar serves local beverages and works with a local caterer, the “Box and Wisker Bistro”, to serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches throughout the day. Yum!

Third Floor

The third floor features four additional demo stations, four private meeting rooms and five semi-private meeting rooms. The backdrop for the demo stations is a large fabric wall mural of data bubbles, with random, ½” thick bubbles mounted on top of the graphic. These demos stations mimic the ones on the first floor with custom lattice bases. Meeting room design features include metal framed, custom fabric walls.

Quirky mid-century furniture was rented for the semi-private space incorporating the lattice walls which defined the 5 spaces and hints of greenery were incorporated on this level as well.


The three-story Tableau branded event space at Dreamforce perfectly encapsulates Tableau’s Data culture (while seamlessly incorporating the Salesforce Campground theme), and provides attendees with a memorable, immersive experience that maximizes engagement, with fun demos and networking opportunities.

  • 3500 sq. ft.; Elon Event Space in San Francisco
  • High-end, custom design and build
  • 8 demo areas with large LED walls
  • Tableau viz art gallery, live DJ entertainment
  • “Developers In Action” -engaging hands-on activation area
  • Hospitality featuring specialized food moments, custom donut wall and crafted cocktails

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