Stryker NASBS Gives Attendees an Interactive Experience

The Background

The North American Skull Base Society (NASBS)’s Annual Meeting serves as the perfect platform for Stryker to engage 130+ attendees with a custom, interactive evening event that puts their latest innovations within the ENT, Cranomaxillofacial and Skull Base Neurosurgical spaces, front and center.

The Stryker NASBS event space is designed to foster networking and attendee connection, as well as education, with product demos featuring throughout the space. A highlight of the experience is a crowdsourced, interactive “art piece”, designed by Sparks, which encourages attendees to not only visit the Stryker Mobile Lab (in the parking lot adjacent to the event space), but to come together and collaborate in a meaningful way.

The Experience

To get to the Stryker NASBS experience, customers make their way from the ballrooms at the event’s venue, La Cantera Resort & Spa, to the Palo Duro Room. After they check in (or register if they’ve not pre-registered), they have several options for where to go next! Upon entry, guests have the opportunity to network and mingle over food and drinks (including in the front patio area where they can visit the beer burros).

After about 30 minutes, Stryker leadership addresses and welcomes attendees, encouraging them to head over to the Stryker Mobile Lab, located in the parking lot for a hands-on demo experience. They also use this time to introduce the fun, interactive “art piece” activity, which directly ties into the Mobile Lab.

Crowdsourced Interactive Art Piece Within the Stryker Mobile Lab

The exclusive “Interactive Art Piece,” activity helps drive attendees to the Stryker Mobile Lab space in a fun, engaging way - think “sticker by numbers”! The way it works is attendees receive a 4” x 4” sticker upon arriving at the Mobile Lab. They can then take that sticker back to the main event space (after product demonstrations in the Lab) to apply it to the appropriately numbered square on the collective “Art Piece.”

Thus, they’re contributing to a “crowdsourced” work of art. By the end of the evening, the masterpiece is completely finished, revealing a color portrait of the San Antonio Riverwalk! A perfect way to pay tribute to its host city and create an unforgettable attendee experience at the same.

A Closer Look Into the Experience Design

The Stryker NASBS experience's design engages and excites attendees, capitalizing on the venue's Southwestern environment while keeping true to Stryker's sleek, modern brand elements. Think of it as a hybrid between the Stryker brand (gold with black and white accents, clean lines) and the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas ("Southwest Chic"), with several contemporary, upscale Southwest design elements, in a nod to the historic and scenic venue.

The Results

Through its exclusive event within the NASBS Annual Meeting, Stryker delivers an event with an aesthetic that’s both on-brand AND fun, taking the best of the Southwest and mixing it with the best of Stryker. Not only does it boost education and brand awareness, it gives attendees an enjoyable, engaging experience that helps them come together, network, and contribute to a memorable, meaningful evening.

  • Evening event where customers engage with new technologies within Stryker’s ENT, Cranomaxillofacial and Skull Base Neurosurgical spaces
  • Modern look+feel that incorporates Stryker brand features and Southwest tie-ins
  • Event space facilitates networking and product demos
  • Links the disconnected event space with the Stryker Mobile Lab by encouraging attendees to participate in a crowdsourced, interactive “art piece”

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