Stryker Events Give Attendees an Interactive Experience

The Background

The Sparks + Stryker relationships began as a marriage of measurement. Stryker was piloting a new initiative, stand-alone, association-sanctioned networking and education events in compliance with legal and regulatory limits, as part of its sponsorship of various industry conferences.

To determine if this new initiative was producing valuable results, Stryker engaged Sparks to deploy its proprietary measurement system, EventScore, against its stand-alone AORN event over a three year period.

The collected data was analyzed and the Sparks Measurement Team concluded that Stryker's new initiative was justified, successfully increasing opportunities, strengthening relationships, brand perceptions and solution familiarity, and providing a strong brand experience aligning with Stryker's event benchmarks. 

After this successful partnership, another Stryker business unit engaged Sparks to not only measure but fully design and produce It’s standalone events.

The Experiences

  • NASBS 2019 + 2020
  • AAO/HNSF 2019
  • NASS 2019

The Stryker Engagement Event spaces are designed to foster attendee connection and education, as well as create opportunities for attendees to spend meaningful time with Stryker reps outside of a clinical setting.

Each event includes Executive presentations, hands-on interactives, socializing and networking opportunities, product demonstrations and F&B.

The Results

Through its exclusive activations, Stryker delivers attendee engagement experiences that are both on-brand AND fun, taking the best of the local venues and mixing it with the best of Stryker. Not only do they boost education and brand awareness, the events give attendees an enjoyable, engaging experience that helps them come together, network, and contribute to a memorable, meaningful evening.

  • Evening event where customers engage with new technologies within Stryker’s ENT, Cranomaxillofacial and Skull Base Neurosurgical spaces
  • Modern look+feel that incorporates Stryker brand features and local venue tie-ins
  • Event space facilitates networking and product demos
  • Links the disconnected event space with the Stryker Mobile Lab by encouraging attendees to participate in a crowdsourced, interactives

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