Joining forces with premier retail IoT leaders to move the industry forward

The Background

At EuroShop, the premier global retail trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, SES-imagotag joins forces with other premier retail IoT companies, such as Wirecard, to create a unique, hybrid experience that showcases their vision for the future of retail technology to more than 100,000 attendees.

The Design and Attendee Experience

What sets the SES-imagotag EuroShop exhibit apart from others on the show floor is its ability to deliver a unified experience that maintains each featured company’s brand identity, while showing how they complement each other to deliver a complete solution.

Attendees learn how the brands are working together to develop a roadmap to digitize physical retail stores, improve brands-retailers collaboration, and enhance customer engagement at the point of purchase. To tell this story, the experience incorporates a design that allows attendees to seamlessly move from one company space to another, all while feeling as though they’re in a singular environment.

Beginning in the exhibit on the main level, attendees experience firsthand what a smart grocery store looks and feels like, with state-of-the-art smart labels and video rails promoting the latest, most accurate information for their products. As they move into the Wirecard space, they see how the smart labels “talk” to a contactless payment processor, and how the physical shopping experience can be streamlined electronically.

To further showcase both of these companies, and their partners, attendees can walk through a mock FC Bayern Munich Basketball team store, featuring limited-edition merchandise -- all displayed and purchased using SES-imagotag and Wirecard platforms and products.

The main level also features two bars along the main aisle with daily happy hours serving FRANCE’S best wine and snacks. Upstairs, three private meeting rooms overlook the main aisle, while a private VIP bar and meeting area provide the perfect networking and discussion spots for executives and top clients.

From a design standpoint, the three main hospitality areas within the SES-imagotag EuroShop exhibit, which include full-service catering (and two kitchens), help to ensure a flow throughout the space.

The Results

The 400 sq. meter, immersive SES-imagotag Euroshop exhibit successfully shows attendees how it comes together with other leading companies in the retail IoT space to move the industry forward with exciting technological innovations.

  • Future of retail technology experience
  • VIP hospitality
  • FC Bayern Munich Basketball team store
  • Three companies seamlessly integrated into one booth

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