Samsung Goes Interactive with their New S9 | S9+ Retail Displays

Samsung goes interactive with their new S9 | S9+ retail displays. The design showcases the new devices in context to the Galaxy ecosystem—Gear S3 Classic, Gear S3 Frontier, Tab E, Tab S3, Galaxy Note8, Fast Charge Wireless Charger, Galaxy Book, Gear VR with controller, and Gear 360 Camera. The interactive displays invite customers to explore products in the entire ecosystem with an emphasis on the Samsung S9 phone’s stunning new camera technology. The retail platform rolls out to 1,500 Verizon stores including 9 Destination and Plus Locations as well as 5,000 T-Mobile stores including 6 Signature Locations.

The category-defining Dual Aperture lens of the Samsung S9 adapts like the human eye. It automatically switches between various lighting conditions with ease, making photos look great whether it’s bright or dark, day or night. The camera slows down time, making everyday moments epic. Super Slow Motion lets you see things you may have missed in the blink of an eye. Set the video to music turn it into a looping GIF and share it with a tap.

Customers immerse themselves in the Samsung S9 technology right in the store. Interactive displays demonstrate the amazing phone’s Super Slow Motion and Super Low Light features. The Super Slow Motion interactive is anchored by an automatic, multiple pinwheel spinning machine. Using display S9s, Customers shoot video of the multiple pinwheels as they spin. The new camera technology allows crisp, slow motion playback to the degree of clearly discerning the complex pinwheel patterns printed on the spinning devices. The Super Low Light interactive design puts the S9 camera’s image development technology to the test. The center of the interactive is a light safe, black cylinder with an image placed inside at the bottom. Customers place the phone over a small opening at the top of the cylinder and shoot a pic of the image that’s completely enveloped in darkness. The S9 camera delivers a crisp, perfectly light-balanced image of colorful fireworks.

The multi-configuration Samsung S9 display is sleek and modern and attracts attention with automatic motion and customer interaction. Each configuration design reflects both the Samsung brand and the identity of the individual carrier or store type for a cohesive experience.

“I can’t say enough great things about Sparks and the level of service they provide. They have been my go-to for the last four years and have never let me down. Since Samsung does not own their own stores, we need to understand the business of other companies. The Sparks Team immerses themselves in this challenge and provides a wealth of knowledge and assistance that is second to none in the industry.” —Kelly Lichtenstein, Sr. Manager Retail Merchandising, Samsung.

  • Custom, interactive displays
  • 1,500 Verizon stores; 5,000 T-Mobile stores
  • Showcase Galaxy ecosystem; emphasis on S9 | S9+ camera
  • Sleek, modern design and materials

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