Samsung Creates Engaging Displays to Launch Galaxy S10

To celebrate the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, including the S10e, S10, and S10+, Samsung engages Sparks to create vibrant, interactive retail experiences in over 1,400 mobile retail locations nationwide.

Introducing Samsung’s latest Galaxy device to customers in several mobile carrier stores including Comcast and T-Mobile, interactive in-store displays demonstrate the “WOW” factor of the Samsung Galaxy S10 while capturing the essence of the Samsung brand as a whole.

T-Mobile fleet store table displays showcase the Samsung Galaxy S10 in the context of the full Galaxy product ecosystem, while its six flagship locations feature unique displays that match the look and feel of each store. Xfinity locations feature illuminated table top displays, platters for the new devices, and collars displaying product information—all while meeting unique security requirements.

The retail experiences are engaging, immersive and highly visual. Depending on the store type, when shoppers walk in, they notice the illuminated table or Samsung infinity mirror attractor, drawing them to the display.

Upping the interactive factor, unique charging platters let customers experience the full “WOW factor” of the Samsung Galaxy S10’s device-to-device charging capability. Embedded with with wireless charging, S10 platters invite shoppers to charge their devices simply by placing them on the display while they learn about the key selling features of the S10, S10e and S10+. The clean, sophisticated visuals and hands-on charging experience encourage shoppers to linger at the display, engage with the device and store staff.To illustrate the luminous quality of the Samsung Galaxy S10, display features include opalescent vinyl and a Samsung infinity mirror attractor.

These eye-catching elements pair with black acrylic, white lettering and white illumination to incorporate Samsung’s visual identity. What’s more, each display is engineered to meet the specific anti-theft and security requirements of the carrier to allow for seamless installation and protection.

The inspiration behind the design? The Samsung Galaxy S10 device itself, particularly its expansive, bezel-less display, and beautiful, opalescent color palette. The opalescent vinyl film, which shimmers every time it catches the light, represents the device’s luminous color and sense of movement. The attractor, complete with an infinity mirror, is designed to represent the limitless potential of Galaxy devices.

Built-in illumination in many of the displays highlights these elements, creating a true sense of magic. What’s more, platters and attractors feature interchangeable graphics, meaning the fixtures themselves can be evergreen, with new graphics for future launches. “WOW” indeed!

  • 856 T-Mobile Fleet stores
  • 312 Xfinity by Comcast stores
  • 209 Spectrum Mobile stores
  • 6 unique T-Mobile Signature (Flagship) locations
  • 30 GCI stores
  • 20 C Spire stores
  • 12 Cellcom stores
  • 12 Appalachian Wireless stores
  • 12 Bluegrass Cellular stores

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