Salesforce at NRF

The Background:

At NRF, Salesforce holds court on the show floor with a 2,500 sq. ft. double-deck exhibit that gives attendees an immersive, visually stimulating view into how the brand connects with its customers.

Achieving the Goals:

Salesforce takes into account primary and secondary goals that drive the design of its NRF experience. The brand’s primary goal is to increase awareness and reach new prospects in its target audience. Secondly, the exhibit is designed to drive meaningful interactions that lead to new opportunities. Third objective is to provide sales teams a branded environment to meet with top accounts to accelerate its pipeline.

Finally, the exhibit is a showcase where Salesforce engages with key industry influencers including press and analysts.

The Design and Attendee Experience

Trailhead, Salesforce’s learning experience platform, serves as the design inspiration for the brand’s NRF experience. Salesforce creative develops a Trailhead 360 theme that ties in perfectly with its overall brand.

The exhibit space is divided into several key areas. An introductory Customer 360 kiosk, along with five Customer Success Showcases, facilitate 1:1 demos and educate attendees on the full 360 Salesforce product offerings. Seven meeting rooms within the exhibit, five on the upper level, two on the lower level, allow Sales teams to conduct private presentations. Plus, a large theater, seating up to 15 people, gives product teams and key customers a comfortable space to share insights as well as professionally present Salesforce product integrations.

The experience includes fun, interactive, deep dives into how customers use Salesforce products to achieve success — adidas, Party City, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Albert Heijn, and Stonewall Kitchen. Also, attendees enjoy a sweet treat courtesy of Godiva. Always a Trailhead camping crowd-pleaser, chocolate and graham-cracker dipped marshmallows make attendees feel as if they’re sitting in front of a roaring fire.

A Deep Dive Into Exhibit Features

Design Elements

With Trailhead as its guiding inspiration, the experience’s theme is the great outdoors — the forest, a campground and fun. A fabric, hanging Salesforce Cloud branded overhead sign ensures the exhibit stands out from across the show floor. A large, vibrant LED wall out front of the exhibit welcomes attendees to the space. Scenic rock formations and faux wood posts clad the LED wall giving it the woodsy, campfire look that defines the Salesforce Trailhead campaign.

One of the most beautiful, stand-out features of the exhibit is a large, inviting, 360 tunnel entrance. Resembling a cut log, it sits at the center of the experience. It’s an Instagram-worthy exhibit feature that includes favorite Trailhead characters , including Astro and everyone’s favorite bear, Cody — perfect for photo-opps.

The Customer Success showcases allow for interactive learning and conservation, as does the large theater and Customer 360 1:1 unit.

Customer Success Showcases


Standout Experience Design Features

  • Black vinyl border and frame
  • Black vinyl graphics
  • Chain link fence
  • Circular mannequin display
  • Dual post holder for display and shoes
  • Black vinyl base

Party City

Standout Experience Design Features

  • Multicolored border and frame
  • Five circular displays
  • Two lifestyle images
  • Three product displays
  • Multicolored sequin wall

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Standout Experience Design Features

  • Black vinyl border/frame
  • Acrylic mirror with V-grooves
  • Product demo display

Albert Heijn

Standout Experience Design Features

  • White border and frame
  • Backlit backwall graphic and lifestyle image
  • Product demo display

Stonewall Kitchen

Standout Experience Design Features

  • PMS specific border and frame
  • Wooden slatwall backer
  • Product demo display

At NRF, Salesforce delivers an experience that perfectly illustrates how it brings the future into focus and delivers state-of-the-art solutions that change how customers do business.

  • 2500 sq. ft. double-deck structure; custom-rental hybrid design
  • Immersive view of how Salesforce connects with customers
  • Trailhead branded exhibit architecture features LED walls projecting real-time content
  • Introductory Customer 360 kiosk and 5 guided Customer Success showcases
  • 4 one-on-one deep dive product demos, 9 meeting rooms, and a large seated theater

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