Trailblazer Campground Showcases Feature at Customer Success Expo

Salesforce Dreamforce, the annual conference in San Francisco, opens with National Parks as this year’s theme. The focus—bring Salesforce trailblazers experiences to life. The conference boasts 2,700+ breakout sessions, world-renowned leaders and Salesforce experts, hands-on training, hundreds of partners with thousands of innovative solutions, and 170,000 fellow “trailblazers.” Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote speakers include Salesforce founder, chairman and CEO, Marc Benioff, actor and techie, Ashton Kutcher, and former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Customer Success Expo at Salesforce Dreamforce consists of six “trailblazer campground” showcases—Citi, University of California San Francisco, adidas, KONE, 21st Century Fox, and Girl Scouts of America. Each experience, approximately 1,225 sq. ft., illustrates how Salesforce helps each customer succeed.


Citi uses Salesforce to help them be a future-compatible banking solution. Their campground site employs three augmented reality experiences to illustrate how Salesforce enables Citi to connect banking everywhere—a trusted partner guiding customers to their financial future.

University of California San Francisco

With Salesforce technology, UCSF is building a smarter, more connected health system as well as improving patient, researcher and employee experiences. Their campground site showcases a giant, interactive LED heart symbolic of a well-connected hospital. UCSF uses Salesforce to connect researcher, patient and employee experiences; each role represented by a separate kiosk app. Attendees walk through a simulation of each role via the app, and when information is shared between the three roles, the interaction prompts different light animations on the large, brightly-colored heart.


adidas is building fast and personalized experiences for their customers. An actual store anchors their trailblazer campground site with customization stations that allow attendees to customize a pair of shoes and ship them home. At the center of the experience is a racetrack where attendees use a touchscreen to explore a path to purchase, illustrating how easy it is to track their order, chat with customer service and pay for items—all on a single app built on Salesforce.


A giant, interactive tree is the center of KONE’s campground experience. The design illustrates how Salesforce helps technicians service their elevator and escalator equipment better.

A virtual elevator experience, “carved out” of the middle of the tree, begins with an animation of a trailhead-themed city surrounding the tree. As the simulated elevator ascends, the content transforms from animation to 4K drone footage that takes riders through the top of the new Salesforce Tower, a dramatic conclusion to the story.

21st Century Fox

Salesforce improves 21st Century Fox’s theatrical marketing and distribution capabilities, allowing them to engage with their customers before, during and after watching 21CF content. Their trailblazer campground experience demonstrates how Salesforce helps turn moviegoers from casual fans to “superfans.” Using an iPad app, attendees answer several questions about content consumption. The app identifies an iconic 21CF character attributed to their answers. Once matched with a character, attendees step into the Campfire Studio where their character’s shadow is projected against a mountain façade. Through Kinect sensors, the “shadow characters” mimic the attendee’s gestures, allowing for a fun, theatrical moment.

Girl Scouts

To foster an enterprising and trailblazing future, Girl Scouts use Salesforce to transform the way they engage volunteers, manage innovative programs and inspire young girls to become tomorrow’s leaders. Their campground design centers on oversized, 3D letters—G. I. R. L.—which are guiding characteristics that translate to Go-Getters, Innovators, Risk-Takers and Leaders. Attendees enter an interactive photo booth and select a particular G.I.R.L attribute for the photo booth design, which can be shared on social media.

Salesforce Dreamforce is four days of career transformation, innovation, giving back, and having a ball. Connecting with a community of fellow trailblazers, helps you be your best, no matter your industry, role or company size. Whether you’re a company of five or a Fortune 500, what you learn during the four days may transform your business.

  • 170,000 attendees; San Francisco
  • 6 trailblazer campground experiences
  • Each design approximately 1,225 sq. ft.
  • Activations range from custom shoes to a virtual elevator to interactive photo booths

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