Grand Prix Racing’s Historical David vs. Goliath Story

The Revs Institute Rivals exhibit demonstrates an epic David and Goliath battle—the legendary Mercedes-Benz W196 and the Lancia D50, two of the most beautiful and technically sophisticated Grand Prix cars of their time. The Mercedes-Benz is on loan from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Hall of Fame museum, while The Revs Institute is the Lancia’s permanent home. Their battle represents one of the golden moments in racing history: the 1954-1955 Grand Prix season. This epic story comes to life through words, display cases, period images, and video and sound, creating a multi-media experience of superb quality; the first multimedia exhibit at Revs.

As visitors enter the Revs Institute Rivals exhibit, they’re struck by the beauty of two priceless race cars augmented by giant murals, video screens projecting race footage and custom acrylic displays filled with race-related artifacts. “This intimate exhibit is part of Revs steady approach to bring forward its belief that the automobile is the most important technological object of the 20th century,” says Scott George, Vice-President of Revs, “Whether the visitor’s interest lies in history, technology, visual appeal, racing personalities, plain curiosity, or simply being in the presence of greatness, The Rivals exhibit offers a unique educational experience.”

The Revs Institute is the premier destination to study and explore one of the largest archives of automotive history ever preserved for scholars and connoisseurs alike. The exclusive Collier Collection of the finest vintage automobiles and ever-expanding library of rare books, photographs, documents and ephemera uniquely catalogues the evolution of automobile design and the industry's influence on modern culture.

  • 1,500 sq. ft. mezzanine space
  • Design anchored by 2 historic race cars
  • Custom display cases for artifacts
  • Large race murals
  • 3 video monitors projecting custom footage

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