Shining a Light on What PacSun is All About

SoHo is not only one of the most vibrant and fashionable neighborhoods in Manhattan, it’s also home to PacSun’s NYC flagship store. Originally opened as a temporary location, our team coordinated with the retail brand to develop a dynamic custom visual 16:19 freestanding, self-supporting large-format video attraction to entice and attract customers.

Visible from the busy street and the store’s main entrance, the video attraction displays key brand messaging, apparel, and shines a light on what PacSun is all about. Its original design included temporary mounting solutions to both avoid modifying existing structures and property assets, and comply with all PacSun leasing standards and agreements. Yet when the time came for a more permanent solution, we got to work on an evolved version that maintained the quality of the temporary unit and remained economically friendly for the NYC market.

To develop the new 16’ x 9’ video experience, we created a slim wall-mounted system utilizing 60 2.6mm x 960mm x 270mm LED seamless tiles. Strategically placed to catch the eyes of New Yorkers and visitors walking down the street, the video attraction not only serves a beautiful addition to the storefront, it spurs curiosity and interest before customers even set foot inside.

Key Highlights

  • Combined efforts from our technology and event marketing teams to provide a unique high-tech solution
  • Visible from exterior and store entrance
  • Allows for easy video changes through the seasons and during promotional time periods.

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