Physical Exercise + Digital Interactivity = Optimum Success

Optimum Nutrition mobile tour pop-up shop makes a stop at the New York City Marathon. ON brand ambassadors dish out education, fun and encouragement as fans engage with the “Find Your Zone” platform.

The physical anchor of the Optimum Nutrition mobile tour pop-up shop event is the 27 ft. custom trailer—aka the Gold Standard Zone. The high tech experience features physical activities coupled with digital interactivity that immerse attendees in ON’s comprehensive total fitness philosophy. The experience pushes brand awareness far beyond just supplements to a trusted partner in achieving health and fitness goals.

Attendees first stop is the “Define Your Golden Goals” opt in, a quick questionnaire to level set their Golden Goals IQ. Each successive station is an educational touchpoint that establishes the proper fitness journey to a healthy routine. Activity completion rewards with a personalized, commemorative laminated card that attach to office lanyards or keychains as Golden Goals daily reminders.

The FUEL station is a stylized micro kitchen where brand ambassadors help attendees determine their target caloric intake. Attendees “make” their virtual breakfast by scanning QR codes from the breakfast menu display. They receive their FUEL laminated card with nutritional information based on personal fitness goals.

The FITNESS station focuses on form, function and targeting. Attendees perform exercises in front of a “smart mirror” that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate form and provides movement recommendations as well as performance advice. How it works: 1.) choose from an array of equipment; boxing gloves, medicine balls or free weights; 2.) step in front of the “smart mirror.” It identifies the equipment and demonstrates relevant activity; 3.) The mirror analyzes exercise form and illustrates proper movements. Participants receive their laminated FITNESS card with proper exercise reminders to reference at home, gym or on the road.

The SCIENCE station features samples of ON’s best selling products and recommendations on how supplements help achieve nutritional goals. Brand ambassadors offer samples such as Gold Standard 100% Whey, Essential Amin.o. Energy and Cake Bites, and explain how the products fit in a daily routine. Attendees receive their laminated SCIENCE card with their preferred ON products.

The SOCIAL “Lift Yourself Lift Others” chin-up challenge station, invites attendees to earn money for charity by performing pull-ups. The session is captured on video and shared on social media to inspire friends to take the chin-up challenge—#GoldHeartChallenge. ON donates to a worthy cause for every onsite pull-up. When friends post their chin-up videos on social channels, ON sends them a discount code to purchase products.

The Optimum Nutrition mobile tour pop-up shop campaign covers 4 stops. It targets core consumers, adjacent audiences and new advocates with an exciting experience that combines physical and digital activities that educate and connect to the brand’s virtual community. The goal is to engage 500k–1.3M attendees and achieve 5M social impressions.

Program highlights:

  • Pop-up shop features physical activities coupled with digital interactivity
  • Educational touchpoints reinforce proper fitness and healthy routines
  • Attendees move station to station: FUEL, FITNESS, SCIENCE, and SOCIAL
  • Personalized, laminated reference cards are rewarded at each station.
  • Chin-up challenge raises money, connects participants to virtual community

Experience design highlights:

  • 2,000 sq. ft. activation
  • Custom 27 ft. BizBox trailer with drop-down stage
  • Rooftop marquee; exterior graphic backdrops and flags
  • 3 tablet registration kiosks, 2 product sample stations
  • Magic Mirror interactive, chin-up challenge and food/supplement engagement

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