The Omnicell EBC Backstory - Leading Transformational Change

Omnicell looks to harness emerging technologies to enhance medication safety, increase efficiency and reduce costs. It’s a bold strategy that promises to transform the way healthcare systems around the world manage medications and supplies.

Celebrates its 25th Anniversary by Looking Forward, Not Backward.

Changing the mindset of the global healthcare system is a tall order. To that end, senior leaders approve the creation of a new, immersive Omnicell Executive Briefing Center (EBC) experience.

Executive Briefing Center Objectives and Design

As part of its growth strategy, Omnicell acquires the leases for new spaces—the entire first and second floors of its Cranberry Woods regional headquarters. The EBC project runs concurrently with the full build-out of Cranberry Woods floors 1 and 2.

The EBC-design influence continues into several high-profile customer-facing spaces, including a Performance Solutions Center, Robotics Center for Excellence, and the Main Lobby. Other new/renovated spaces include Customer Training, a Customer Dining Room, Employee Auditorium, and Employee Learning Center.

Improving the patient medication experience by advancing customer knowledge is the Omnicell vision. The Omnicell Executive Briefing Center turns that vision into a mission. The EBC showcases Omnicell’s innovative leadership and promotes a collaborative learning environment. It also allows Omnicell to communicate it’s Inspired by Care brand, and personalize the narrative around medications and supplies management.

An Expression of Omnicell’s Unique Culture

The Cranberry Woods EBC reflects Omnicell’s position as a leader in technology. It also plays on the local strengths of Pittsburgh (robotics) and Mountain View (software). The EBC captures the Omnicell brand by being authentic, approachable, warm, innovative, and collaborative.

Upon entrance, a personalized digital display greets visitors. Clean geometric lines and lighting elements provide an uncluttered and intuitive experience.

The Culture Wall

At the Omnicell Executive Briefing Center entrance, a Culture Wall showcases what it means to be “inspired by care.” Hundreds of digital photos display the ways Omnicell’s customers, employees and communities provide inspiration. Historical artifacts and patent proclamations showcase how Omnicell continues to deliver innovative technology to advance medication management. Prestigious industry awards connote the company’s standing as an industry leader.

The Solution Center

The Solution Center is the heart of customer learning and offers a demo-based exploration of the Omnicell solutions portfolio. The distinctive environment appeals to the brand’s clinical, operational, leadership, and IT guests. Product lines vignettes simulate real-world settings and workflow. Subtle design cues distinguish each vignette. The setting stimulates discussion and collaborative problem-solving.

Material choices represent real world environments including a lab, hospital, and pharmacy. Warming wood tones evoke a sense of ease and comfort during tours and working sessions. Subtle uses of Omnicell’s color palette reinforce the brand throughout the Center.

The open ceiling concept exposes the mechanicals and elevates the perception of height. The use of ceiling baffles address acoustic concerns while linear LED lights guide visitors through the space with a consistent natural white color temperature that keeps it looking and feeling modern and inviting.

The Living Wall

At the entrance to the Solution Center is the Living Wall, featuring over a dozen plant species. This lush greenery provides a stylish, sophisticated organic contrast to the sleek design materials and leading-edge technology.

Innovation, Inspiration, Discovery

Modern, elegant and comfortable, the Innovation and Discovery conference rooms are ideal for learning and collaboration. Omnicell branded graphics adorn frosted glass walls and provide privacy from the main hallway. Top-of-the-line technology features, conference tables, overhead speakers and 60-inch monitors inset within a shroud of whiteboard writable space.

Natural maple finishes carry from the conference tables (with seating up to 20) into the dual folding panels that conceal the pass-through adjoining service kitchens. The Inspiration room includes upholstered bench seating that reflects the brand design motif while accommodating up to a dozen individuals.

Stunning color images from local cityscapes, featuring a noted artist, add color to the Inspiration and Discovery conference rooms.

The Medication Hub

The anchor of the Solution Center is the Medical Hub. A large 85” 4K touch display presents a macro overview of Omnicell’s offering and vision of the future. Loaded with a multi-user application, the Medical Hub has the capability to collaborate, capture and visualize ideas locally or remotely.

Customized content personalizes the Omnicell narrative to each visitor’s unique perspective and individual line of care. The Hub also has interactivity capabilities to engage and capture ideas on the fly with those on-site or joining from remote locations.

A Sustainable Design

Sustainability is top of mind when selecting material finishes and elements for the Omnicell Executive Briefing Center. The goal is providing a healthier interior environment, as well as a pleasing design aesthetic. All material products come from manufacturers that employ sustainable practices from raw material extraction to final disposal.

  • Flooring - carpet tiles, LVT hard surfaces. Contribute to LEED credits. Certified Greenguard products meet rigorous standards for low VOC emission.
  • Ceiling Baffles - Lightweight, pre-consumer and post consumer materials. Certified greenguard standard.
  • Paints - Low VOC.
  • Veneers - FSC certified wood veneers.
  • Countertops - Solid surfaces - Low impact on indoor and outdoor environments. Non-toxic meaning zero emissions of VOCs.
  • Lighting - All lighting within the center is energy efficient LED lighting

The Results

The new Omnicell Executive Briefing Center has a dramatic, measurable impact on business performance. A YOY comparative analysis shows 55% more customer briefings, a 14% improvement in opportunity close rate, and a 22% decrease in length of sales opportunity.

  • 5200 sq. ft.; Pittsburgh, PA; LEED Certification
  • Modern design with lush organic greenery, inviting woods and sleek details
  • Demo-based explorations of the Omnicell solutions portfolio
  • High tech conference rooms, 85” interactive media array
  • Improves close rate by 14% and reduces length of sales opportunity by 22%
  • ABPM (the Association of Briefing Program Managers) honors Briefing Program with ‘Momentum Award’
  • In the wake of the pandemic, Omnicell uses it as a virtual destination, leveraging the existing infrastructure to host a virtual EBC

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