Motorola’s Smart, Consumer-centric Product Launch

Motorola takes over the High Line in New York City to launch cutting edge smartphones, Moto Z DROID and Moto Z Force DROID as well as the Moto Mods ecosystem; a battery powerhouse, a big screen projector and a boombox. Three prime locations on the High Line are transformed into personal consumer adventures with hands-on demo stations of the new smartphones in every zone and immersive experiences that highlight the new Moto Mods.

The Main Demo Zone, Chelsea Market passage, featured the JBL SoundBoost Sonic Forest Symphony, Mods snap-triggered window activations, and Mods demos. The 14th Street passage, the Projection Zone, featured the incredible Insta-Share Projector art experience. The 10th Avenue Overlook, the Power and Style Zone, features “in a snap” quick change Power Mods demos along with street-level surprizes. Each consumer interaction is a chance to win tickets to a concert.

The experience design is a natural extension of the High Line through tone and materials. Consumer interactions with demo stations throughout the design change the surrounding environment through sound and visuals. A cast of wacky and unexpected visitors transform the ordinary into a real New York City experience.


  • Moto Z DROID, Moto Z Force DROID, Moto Mods Launch
  • NYC High Line takeover; smart product demos that dramatically effect the environment; 120k visitors
  • Chelsea Market: featured a JBL SoundBoost Sonic Forest Symphony and snap-triggered window activations
  • 14th St.: an Insta-share projector Mod art environment
  • 10th Ave: offered consumers a power up surprise experience “in a snap”

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