Paving the way for innovation and growth across a global marketplace

The Background:

After collaborating with Medtronic to create a consistent, experiential brand voice while consolidating many siloed domestic programs into one, unified program, we were asked to expand the vision into the international market. Working with Medtronic’s global design committee, our team developed a solution to extend the presence worldwide and to-date has successfully produced exhibits for thousands of shows around the world.

A Global Rebrand

Medtronic embarked on the considerable task of a global rebrand. As the existing global trade show partner, we were committed to delivering a reimagined exhibition strategy that would not only build on past successes but pave the way for future innovation and growth. 55 global discovery sessions in multiple countries were held to allow for creative collaborations, presentations, design critiques, and storyboarding. This collaboration resulted in a modular kit of globally utilized components -- the Medtronic global program.

A Powerful New Medtronic Global Program

The new, highly modular design is focused on customer experience and is far more streamlined and flexible — a key element for any business exhibiting at shows that vary so greatly in size and scale. This flexibility allows the design to be equally compelling from a table-top format to an 80’x80’ experience. The powerful new program delivers an experience that is both educational and engaging while maintaining brand consistency across a global marketplace.

  • Coordinated with Medtronic design committee members from around the world to build a global program
  • Delivered a reimagined exhibition strategy and design
  • Modular design is focused on customer experience
  • Allows for an educational, engaging experience, while maintaining brand consistency across a global marketplace

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