McKesson Reimagines ideaShare

McKesson reimagines ideaShare, the brand’s annual B2B Pharmacy event. The 300,000 sq. ft. design provides attendees a more engaging, informative experience. This new approach to McKesson ideaShare drives more attendance to the event.

Large architectural elements partition the space into content zones. Customized containers and fabric-wrapped scaffolding provide iconic wayfinding elements—a smart, economical way to make the event easier to navigate. Radial urban planning influences the spatial vocabulary of the event design. The hub and spoke layout radiates key content topics and presentations from the center of the central plaza. Each topic spoke is augmented by related content areas and sponsors.

The reimagined trade show floor design encourages attendee interaction with zones built for small and one-on-one meetings as well as casual conversations. The experience embodies the concept of “idea share” by motivating attendees to share with their peers, suppliers and McKesson staff.

In previous years, a fully functioning pharmacy is part of the show floor. Now, the physical store is replaced with a virtual store where attendees are able to visualize store design, merchandising, branding, and pharmacy setup in a compelling, immersive experience.

McKesson ideaShare is a family-friendly, three-day event that hosts pharmacists, technicians and their families. The event draws over 4500 attendees that join forces with 2,000+ independent pharmacies and their staff to support, strengthen and sustain the future of independent pharmacy. Attendees make meaningful connections and share ideas and expertise for building stronger businesses. It all happens here.

  • 4,500 attendees; 3 days
  • 300,000 sq. ft.
  • 40 partner sponsors
  • Annual event reimagined

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