Marie Claire Brings a First-to-Market, Hands-On Retail Pop-Up Experience to SoHo

Marie Claire magazine partners with Mastercard to launch The Next Big Thing Concept Shop, a first-to-market, hands-on retail pop-up experience. The shop brings to life the latest innovations in fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology, and wellness. Located at 120 Wooster Street in New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, the Marie Claire Next Big Thing concept shop offers consumers the opportunity to experience a new way to shop.

The Marie Claire Next Big Thing pop-up shop brings the pages of Marie Claire to life with three main zones named after popular sections in the magazine: @Work, the get-ahead guide to career, style and success; @Play, the go-to guide to going out, staying in and getting away; and @Peak, the wellness resource for being on your game, in the zone and at your best. Neiman Marcus stylists provide advice and tips on the latest selection of top designer fashion available at the store. Smart mirrors from Oak Labs makes accessory recommendations for outfits brought into dressing rooms. Clarins presents its Sensor Mirror Pro, a virtual skincare mirror developed by MemoMi, that suggests revitalizing, next-generation products to achieve radiant skin. San Francisco-based retailer b8ta provides a mix of apparel, accessories, activewear, gadgets and more.

The Marie Claire Next Big Thing Concept Shop mobile app, available at the App Store and Google Play, allows shoppers to make cashless transactions from anywhere within the store. The app works with fitting room mirrors, facilitates one-on-one appointment bookings with Neiman Marcus fashion stylists, and sign-up for an array of in-store events and activities.

Program highlights:

  • The Headshot Truck world’s first-ever mobile photography studio for taking professional headshots and LinkedIn profile pictures.
  • Alyson Charles aka #RockStarShaman speaks on mindfulness, spirituality and finding your inner Zen.
  • Baristart’s Michael Breach New York-based coffee and latte artist is on-site on #NationalCoffeeDay to draw foam portraits.
  • Inscape offers a meditative, relaxation session.
  • Sundays Nail Studio technicians are on site offering nail-art, manicures and meditation.
  • The Next Big Thing Concept Shop coincides with Marie Claire’s October issue, which features a six-page guide to products and technologies to enhance the way readers work, exercise, eat, and live their lives.

Experience design highlights:

  • Public pop-up shop in SoHo
  • Multi-brand, personalized shopping experience
  • Three main zones named after popular sections of Marie Claire magazine: @Work, @Play and @Peak
  • Integrated smart mirror technology from Oak Labs
  • Next Big Thing Concept Shop mobile app facilitates onsite purchasing, stylist appointments bookings and event/activity sign-ups

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