Retail Experience Amplifies the Award-Winning Production

The Lion King is the first-ever Disney Theatrical Production in Las Vegas. It opens in May 2009 and plays 31 months with over 1,000 performances at the conclusion of its run. Apart from Broadway, this marks the longest run of the show in any American city, eclipsing the record-breaking 27-month Los Angeles engagement. The Mandalay Bay Lion King Theater Store is the first or last stop for most show-goers. No pressure!

The Mandalay Bay Lion King Theater Store amplifies the musical production at every corner. The custom fixture rollout exudes authenticity from the costume displays to the fixtures. The specialty store facilitates multiple display arrangements to accommodate high traffic pre- and post-show, including two mobile POS systems. The 100% domestic manufacture of loose metal fixtures includes nested table displays, ballet bars, mannequin bases, and cash wrap.

“We’re incredibly pleased to bring The Lion King to the audiences of Las Vegas,” says Disney Theatrical Group president, Thomas Schumacher. “Mandalay Bay has seen great success with other shows thanks to its extraordinary commitment to producing theatre of the highest caliber. When we decided to bring The Lion King to Las Vegas, we knew that this was the right show at the right venue at the right time.”

The Mandalay Bay Lion King Theater Store plays an important role in delivering the licensed product in just the right the context for new and hard core fans alike. The show is an award-winning, international hit with productions playing all around the globe. Customers expect nothing less than surprise and delight in their shopping experience.

  • Custom fixtures amplify the Lion King brand
  • Loose metal fixtures include nested table displays, ballet bars, mannequin bases, and cash wrap
  • Multiple display arrangements including two mobile POS systems
  • 100% domestic production

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