The refreshed M&M’S Fixture Program fuels fun and memorable moments

The Background

Sparks coordinated with FITCH Design and Mars Retail Group to develop a new M&M’SⓇ fixture program that creates a refreshed brand moment, a new visual identity and serves as a baseline for outfitting future global retail locations—old and new. Three M&M’S retail locations are receiving this vibrant brand experience—Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, Mall of America in Bloomington, MN, and in Berlin, Germany.

The new experiential stores, which include the colorful, signature M&M’S “Wall of Chocolate,” larger than life M&M’S character moments and the ability for guests to create their very own custom M&M’S candies, are designed to create memorable moments for M&M’S fans. Fans can even “visit” the store today with a virtual tour, available on Once inside, guests are invited to “walk” through the store, where they can click to purchase their favorite M&M’S products.

A Reinvented Design and Experience

With the overall M&M’S store look and feel established by FITCH and Mars Retail Group, we extend the M&M’S reimagined visual identity to its fixture program by developing a clean, modern, minimalist design. Emphasizing neutral tones for fixture colors (wood, yellows, whites and browns), the goal is to let the M&M’S products and character personalities shine, preserving a brighter color palette for the debut of new, seasonal, or specially branded products.

Aside from a fresh aesthetic, our value engineering solutions offer cost-friendly, durable, custom components that prioritize functionality, flexibility, and deliver maximum visual impact.

  • Q-Line Series - Full of products to entice customers waiting in the Q-line, these fixtures are flexible and portable based on how merchandise is displayed or to accommodate longer lines.
  • Spinner Fixture - Provides added weight, height, and a vibrant graphic opportunity for smaller merchandise like key chains & magnets.
  • Launch Fixture - The “hero” display for new products, seasonal/holiday collections, or branded partnership merchandise, it’s one of two program fixtures to feature the signature M&M’S brand colors (blue, red, and green). It also comes with a flexible Parsons table, nesters, and riser.

  • Wardrobe Fixture - Displaying new apparel, it includes flexible shelving, bars to hang clothing, and comes with changeable graphic panels.
  • M&M Vitrine - An illuminated acrylic showcase/display draws attention to Custom Packing in the Personalization Area.
  • Sampling Booth - Designed for indoor/outdoor use, this moveable booth features eye-catching graphics attracting fans to try out new M&M’S flavors and sample new products.
  • Spati Shop in Berlin - Similar to a bodega, this Berlin-specific space allows for new and innovative merchandising opportunities to highlight the new M&M’S Cafe, which is a first for the company.

An additional notable component that adds to the store’s dynamic environment and provides an opportunity for visitor engagement is the dispenser fixture tables we built in partnership with OnQ Solutions. Designed to drive online sales and product education, the tables’ “Converge System'' features a moveable track with an iPad displaying product information at various touch points along the fixture, while also providing a call to action to purchase the dispensers online.

The Results

When consumers walk through the doors they’re welcomed into a colorful M&M’S brand experience that’s filled with fun and engaging memorable moments.

  • Clean, modern, minimalist fixture design matches new store aesthetic
  • Provides baseline for outfitting future retail locations
  • 76 unique fixtures, hardware, and merchandising displays
  • Five new custom floor fixtures built by Sparks for the new Spati shop
  • Collaborated with multiple partners resulting in a cohesive look and feel
  • Import production for robust fixture program; domestic production for custom built-in millwork

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