Ingevity Draws Big Crowds

The Ingevity SPE ATCE [Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Annual Technical Conference and Exhibitions] experience scores big at this year’s annual conference held at the World Trade Centre in Dubai. Historically, SPE ATCE boasts over a half million of the energy and petroleum industry’s greatest minds from around the globe; this year’s event draws 7,500 industry professionals from 91 countries. Their first-ever exhibit at SPE ATCE, Ingevity hits all the right chords as they double show lead generation goals.

Inspired by Ingevity’s Sustainability meets efficiency tagline, the experience design stands out physically from the sea of generic exhibits. Their oil exploration products are a natural bi-product of paper production—the Sparks design team deftly employs natural materials and imagery as key elements. Energized by Ingevity’s quick ship expertise to hard-to-reach locations around the world, designers incorporate wood elements reminiscent of shipping palettes. Smart use of natural materials, a branded archway and bold lighting are just the right touches for this modern exhibit.

Another stand out feature of the Ingevity SPE ATCE experience is the booth activation: a modern version of the low tech Plinko game. It’s an infectious, easy game to learn with no language barrier. Not well known in the Middle East, Plinko sparks natural curiosity among attendees and draws big crowds.

  • 400 sq. ft.; custom design and build
  • Double show lead generation goals
  • Design inspiration: Sustainability meets efficiencytagline
  • Natural materials, branded archway and bold lighting
  • Traditional Plinko game executed in a fresh modern way

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