Zero Digital Lens Leverages AR

Infosys Data Lens, a technology demo for Confluence 2016, illustrates the potential of Infosys systems as applied to business operations of the airline industry. Leveraging augmented reality and 3D motion tracking with Google tablets, the Infosys Zero Distance Digital Lens allows users to explore the hidden networks of connected data and digital communication that now power every aspect of our lives.

Showcasing a 747 landing gear, a representative part of a larger connected system, attendees use the Infosys Data Lens to view the invisible “digital twin” that is a connected device’s footprint in the digital sphere—triggering optimization of operations, safety and costs through connections to a myriad of systems, inputs and services. The Data Lens AR experience simplifies the retrieval of real time data from a very complex web of systems in one experience. The smart, interactive attracts lots of attendee demos.

Infosys Confluence is the brand’s flagship thought leadership summit. It brings together 1600+ senior leaders from 762 organizations—a power-packed summit of thought leaders and visionaries from across industries, who share their ideas and innovation happening in their space. The event facilitates sharing of best practices from interactive sessions through a combination of engaging keynotes to thought-provoking panel discussions and peer-networking opportunities.

  • Scale model of 747 landing gear
  • AR without markers using Google Tango tablets
  • Digital overlay story of the “digital twin”
  • Deep dive demos in system monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • 20 tablets deployed, post demo leads passed to Infosys reps

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