One Small Step

The Background:

Zeitgeist, Google’s annual thought leadership conference, brought together more than 300 C-level executives, A-list business leaders, academics, celebrities, and change-makers for three days of forward thinking content and conversations, evening events, activities, culinary experiences, entertainment and Sandbox exploration. Each year we coordinate with Google to bring the event to life from concept to creation. This includes everything from event identity and creative experiential design to C-level executive logistics, cutting edge production and never forget attendee moments.

An Environment Designed for Collaboration and Innovation:

Zeitgeist centered around the theme “One Small Step” - an exploration of how we can help each other feel more connected by remembering our shared humanity. Sparks leaned into this theme to inform the creative design and approach for the event, focusing on a clean and minimalistic aesthetic to not distract or get in the way of what’s most important: the people, their conversations, and human connection.

The Opening Reception’s outdoor street market vibe naturally promoted conversation. Simple forms, natural materials, greenery and pops of Only Google moments informed the look and feel. Eye-popping and mouth-watering food and beverage selections added to the buzz and enjoyment.

The following day kicked off with attendees being invited to explore the interactive Google Sandbox - showcasing several projects and products through interactive experiences, including Google Arts & Culture, Jacquard by Google, AI for Social Good, The Google Assistant, Google Cloud, Made By Google, Grow with Google and YouTube.

Zeitgeist attendees were greeted to the general session room with an inspiring video and live accompanying performance by violinist D-Sharp, leading into a day of talks by some of the brightest minds in the world to explore, collaborate, inspire, ideate and innovate. 

Speakers included former First Lady Michelle Obama, Olympic gold medalist Megan Rapinoe, former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Paul Ryan, and Executive Chairman of the Walt Disney Company Bob Iger, many of which can be viewed at Zeitgeist Minds YouTube channel.

Following a day filled with inspiring and informative speaker sessions, mind-expanding Sandbox interactives, and compelling conversations, attendees made their way to the resort’s parking lot, which Sparks had transformed into a spectacular dinner venue capped by a performance by Anderson .Paak. Geometry, texture, and lighting worked together on the Grand Dinner Stage, creating an elevated and stimulating atmosphere. A communal bar served as a gathering space, encouraging people to connect throughout the night.

The Scope

Sparks’ Google Zeitgeist scope included the following:

  • Overall program management & execution
  • Event experience creative & design
  • Event graphics, furniture & decor, and floral design
  • Event culinary design, logistics & oversight
  • Registration management & customer support
  • Venue coordination & logistics management
  • Activities coordination & transportation management
  • Attendee giveaways & room drop management
  • Onsite staff management
  • Product Sandbox creative technology design & development, scenic design & build
  • Evening event design & production,
  • Grand Dinner stage design & build, concert lighting & talent management

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