Great Expectations

Google Zeitgeist is the tech giant’s annual thought leadership conference, bringing together over 320 C-level executives and Google partners for two days of speaker sessions, evening events, networking, and Sandbox exploration.

This year’s theme, “Great Expectations,” points to issues in our collective future. How will we live, work, and connect? Where will the election, genetic modification, and human creativity take us? Google Zeitgeist is where great minds explore the future and why we should have Great Expectations.

From production to management to creative execution, the overall experience creates the perfect atmosphere for some of the brightest minds in the world to explore, collaborate and innovate. Speakers include Hollywood veteran, Jeffrey Katzenberg, along with Jeb Bush, Dan Rather, sports stars, Kerri Walsh Jennings and Alex Rodriguez to name a few.

The interactive Google Sandbox showcases several projects and products that are relevant to their customers and influence the world around us, including YouTube, Google Green, Hidden World of National Parks, VR, and Google Lunar XPRIZE.

In addition to discussing topics shaping and transforming our world, Google Zeitgeist provides an opportunity to connect important customers with Google product and sales leadership to drive customer insight and feedback.

  • Annual thought leadership conference
  • 3 days; over 320 C-level executives
  • Montelucia Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Speakers include world leaders, innovators, sports icons, and journalists
  • Google Sandbox showcases YouTube, Google Green, VR,, and Google Lunar XPRIZE

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