Google’s dynamic presence spans far and wide on the 20,000 sq. ft show floor.

The Background:

At IFA Berlin, Europe’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, Google’s imaginative, dynamic presence spans far and wide on the 20,000 sq. ft show floor. The real star of the Google IFA experience is the Assistant and its integration with smart devices, ranging from headphones and mobile phones to TVs and home appliances. More than 50 partner exhibits feature such products, with Google Guides present to provide helpful and immersive demonstrations.

Creating the Experience:

We coordinate with Google on several key experience components with a primary focus on training and supporting the Google Guides, who enthusiastically demonstrate the Google Assistant’s use and integration with partner devices to over 250,000 IFA attendees.

More than 70-bilingual Google Guides undergo training in Berlin over the course of two days. As part of their Google IFA training, Guides learn how to walk attendees through various Assistant experiences on partner products including speakers, televisions, and additional smart home technology.

In addition to supporting Guides in their show preparation, which includes developing the training materials and managing the overall training process, we also source on-brand Google Guide uniforms.

Additional Sparks Scope

We work with Google to manage the overall distribution and procurement of a “demo-in-a-box” for a select number of partners, which includes WiFi, Google hardware, a one-sheeter with talking points, query building, and a technical walkthrough.

For the hardware, we leverage products in which the Google Assistant is built-in, such as smart TVs, speakers, refrigerators, lightbulbs, dishwashers, and more.

From a design perspective, our team fabricates a variety of custom graphic applications for the partner areas. Ranging in size and complexity (single hero graphics and banner stands to custom cut graphic wraps for partners), the inspiration behind the design aesthetic springs from an effort to blend the Google Assistant messaging seamlessly with a given partner space.

The Results:

As a result of fun, educational Google Guide demonstrations and a large overall footprint at the event, the Google IFA experience gives attendees an even deeper understanding of how the Assistant is integrated with several partner devices.

  • 50+ partner booths showcasing Google devices, signage and Google Guides
  • 70+ bi-lingual Google Guides trained in Berlin over two days to represent Google to partners and over 250,000 attendees
  • Engaging demonstrations showcasing the Google Assistant’s integration with partner devices
  • Far-reaching, dynamic presence throughout the 20,000 sq. ft. show floor

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