Make Google Do It.

Google brings their A-game to SXSW. Sparks and Google design and produce The Google Assistant SXSW Fun House, a smart house where you “Make Google Do It.” The house is twelve rooms of activations that demonstrate how Google Assistant works inside and outside of the home. Here’s a few highlights.

Ever wonder what it’s like to experience a lowrider with hydraulics? At The Google Assistant SXSW Fun House, attendees command “Hey Google, Bounce” to cue the vintage car to bounce or go on three wheels for an experience only found at SXSW. Attendees ask Google Assistant to find the nearest parking spot with the assistance of Spot Hero. In the front yard, guests activate sprinklers and lawn decorations with a simple command.

The dining room showcases how the latest Pixelbook with Google Assistant helps out with everything from wine pairings to finding the cheapest flights out of town.

The Fun House kitchen is a teaser for what’s to come in the rest of the house. To kickoff the house tour, a voice-activated margarita machine mixes up the Perfect Patron margarita. Not to be outdone, the Robot Spice Rack spins and stops perfectly in place when asked, “Hey Google, find me oregano.”

The laundry room is dedicated to the most important members of the house, pets. The room showcases how Google Assistant helps you take better care of your pets—a self-cleaning Robo Cat Scooper, automatic pet feeders, and a Nest Cam IQ for when you can’t be in the same room with your fur balls. lets you keep an eye on the little darlings. Not sure if your dog can eat chocolate? Ask Dr. Doggy via Google Assistant to make sure your pup steers clear of the chocolate bar.

The living room, outfitted with a tower of a dozen vintage televisions from the 80s and 90s demonstrates how Google Assistant controls multiple devices on one command. A Beer Delivery System fetches a cold one from the fridge without you having to get off the couch. And what goes best with a cold beer and your favorite TV serial? That’s right, pizza! Did we mention, Domino’s delivery showed up every thirty minutes at The Google Assistant Fun House?

The Throwback Music Studio upstairs shows off Google Home Max, an 80’s Spotify throwback playlist and groovy digital posters. This is the perfect room for your drum set. Google Assistant doesn’t judge.

The bedroom, is an oasis from a hard day [or night]. With simple commands like “Hey Google, I have a hangover”, blackout shades drop, Enya begins to play and the night stand drawer opens to reveal aspirin. You’ve been meaning to tidy up that sock drawer? No worries, ask Google Assistant, “Hey Google, rearrange my sock drawer” and the sock robot opens your sock drawer, rearranges your socks and finishes off with a robot dance [yes, a celebratory sock-rearranging dance].

The Google Assistant Experiments Room allows attendees to experience one-on-one time with the Google Assistant team for a deep dive into voice activation. One of the feature experiments, Safari Mixer, invites attendees create a shareable animated gif of a wacky safari animal. Google Assistant helps push the creation from one device to another—like a home computer to a mobile phone. Or with the Greeting Card Maker, guests create a cool message for that special someone; maybe to rub their noses in the fact that they’re not at SXSW.

Once the Google Assistant SXSW Fun House tour wraps up, guests make their way to the backyard to network, mingle with Google Assistant experts or enjoy a curated YouTube playlist via Google Max. The backyard features a photobooth powered by a Pixel phone, an airstream bar serving up local beer and margaritas and custom-painted pedestals by local Austin street artist Federico Archuleta.

Didn't get enough Google Assistant magic? No worries, next door to the Google Assistant SXSW Fun House, Print Press hosts a series of lightning talks, engaging panels and immersive codelabs on how to design and develop for the Google Assistant. Topics range from "Developing for the Age of Digital Assistants" to "Designing in the Age of AI.”

  • 3,350 sq. ft.; 1,340 guest tours
  • Complete takeover of landmark Victorian-style home in East Austin
  • 12 activations powered by Google Assistant and software partners
  • Showcase how Google Assistant integrates into all aspects of a home
  • 9 lightning talks; 353 attendees

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