Showcasing All the Assistant Can Do in Every Aspect of Life

The Background

Many of the software and surface brands and OEM partners working with the Google Assistant participate in CES, so the show provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the product’s major growth and highlight what Google has in store for the Assistant in 2020. The evolution of the Google Assistant CES from 2018 to 2020 follows the path of re-entry and ubiquity > to being the most helpful voice-activated assistant > to telling a grounded product story. 

By bringing the best of Google services and AI to the Assistant, Google focuses on building the most helpful digital assistant when you’re at home, in your car or on the go. Google needs an engaging way to tell this evolving story—to not just focus on features and what the Assistant can do, but showcase real world scenarios of what the Assistant can do for you in every aspect of life.

This sentiment needs to be reflected in the overall experience from demos andinteractives to the customer journey, from storytelling to the playful touches that make Google the brand it is today.

Deep Dive: The Challenge and Experience

In 2018, Google re-enters the CES landscape after several years of having a minimal presence at the show, showcasing the Assistant. Two years later, the Google Assistant is now available on one billion devices, has 500 million monthly active users, and supports more than 30 languages in 90 countries.


Shift the story from the ubiquity of the product to telling a grounded product story across surfaces, software and real life experiences by:

  • Showcase the Assistant as the most helpful digital assistant no matter where you are.
  • Create a museum-worthy space and experience where attendees can spend meaningful time interacting with the Google Assistant.
  • Tell an engaging story that showcases real world scenarios of what the Assistant can do for you in every aspect of life with an emphasis on user privacy.


At various times during the show, attendees are able to sample Dunkin’ Donuts with a chance to win a Google Home Mini and Milk Bar cookies, compliments of Postmates. Attendees looking for a physical challenge can test their 100-yard dash in the Nike Run Club Challenge, for a chance to cut the line at the Change of Plans experience. An opportunity for attendees to unwind and network, the space features custom benches with brass plaques that nod to technology’s past - some examples include “Iona Smartphone” and “Anna Sistant.”

In the Car

Anchored in the “backyard” of Level 1, we display two cars, the Volvo XC40 and the BMW, with Google Guide hosted demos to show how the Google Assistant can help you in the car with hands- free help for finding directions, enjoying entertainment and making phone calls. The Volvo XC40 showcases a built-in Google Assistant experience by letting attendees lock their home door using the Google Assistant. The second car, the BMW X5, showcases how you can turn on/off your house lights using the Google Assistant from your car.

Additional Elements

The Google Assistant Gumball Machines

Strategically located across from the Playground, we erect a larger-than-life gumball machine outside the Las Vegas Convention Center. The only-Google-can-do product experience features JBL Live 500 headphones, Lenovo Smart Clocks, Nike Gift Cards, YouTube music subscriptions, smart plugs, beanies and more. In a sweet nod to the Assistant experience across the street, we display old-school working gumball machines at the entrance to our booth.

Partner Programming

The Assistant engages with 130+ partners to create custom Assistant brand experiences throughout CES. Spread across LVCC, Sands Expo and Private meeting spaces, activations range from LED brand integration, signage and product showcases, and custom Assistant-branded demo booths. 63 of the partner spaces are staffed with official Google Guides.


Google takes over the iconic Harmon Corner digital screen on the Las Vegas strip to showcase the Google Assistant. In addition to the traditional OOH digital spots, Google also activates (5) Las Vegas monorail cars with fully wrapped exteriors, interior light box advertising and audio buyouts highlighting localized queries including distance to the convention center and Las Vegas trivia.

Google Guides

We drop the name Brand Ambassadors and replace the industry word with “Google Guides.” With an army of 200+ Google Guides spread across CES, it’s easy to identify a Google Guide by their clean white uniform, playful accessories and impressive knowledge of the product.

The Results

In order to successfully measure performance, Sparks implements a comprehensive custom measurement plan that enables Google to tie event metrics to business value.

Core metrics measured are perception shifts, brand preference, and usage/partnership opportunity. Unexposed and exposed methodologies with non-Google branded surveyors are facilitated onsite at CES 2020, with the results being compared to CES 2019 and Google event benchmarks.

As attendees exit “Change of Plans,” our Brand Ambassadors conduct a post-experience survey.

Key metrics from attendee surveys include:

  • Likelihood to partner with Google + the Google Assistant - 73% increase
  • Familiarity with the Google Assistant - 66% increase
  • 7 in 10 exposed agree that the Google Assistant is the most helpful assistant for your everyday
  • 8 in 10 exposed agree that the Google Assistant is useful to real people in real situations
  • 68-70% of current Amazon Alexa users are more likely to use the Google Assistant over Amazon Alexa as a result of interacting with the Playground or Gumballs
  • 45% of all CES attendees see the Google Assistant @ CES 2019 at the Playground and/or Gumballs while in Vegas

Fun Stats:

  • Donuts Served: 2,700
  • Cookies Served: 2,400
  • 165,000 balls in the ball pit
  • 130,000 lbs of truss
  • 183 Google Guides (brand ambassadors)
  • 21 days of installation (and will be 36 hours to dismantle)
  • 500+ devices (including partner and MBG)
  • 12 miles of cable

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