Experience the Connected Car in Virtual Reality

The GM OnStar service is driver technology that’s been around for over 20 years. The next big challenge for GM is innovating the driver experience that differentiates them in today’s competitive car market. OnStar unveils it’s digital strategy at Salesforce Dreamforce—a world they call the connected car.

OnStar brings the connected car to life with a visually stunning virtual reality experience; a thrilling test drive through the mean streets of San Francisco featuring 3D mapping. The car of choice? None other than the iconic GM brand—a new Chevy Camaro muscle car. The VR test drive is a must-see at Dreamforce, driving heavy traffic to the car manufacturer’s booth space.

The GM/Salesforce partnership is another example of data mining to improve 1-to-1 customer marketing, drive sales and deliver in-demand services. The GM OnStar virtual reality experience is the perfect digital solution to amplify Salesforce product offerings and excite attendees at the San Francisco Dreamforce show.

OnStar has been at the forefront of the connected-car revolution for the past 20 years, because they know the value of the human connection, and that the most meaningful connections happen between people. And that’s the benefit of being an OnStar Member: a connected car where you always have a real person there for you, whenever you need it.

  • OnStar connected car concept brought to life with VR experience
  • Thrilling VR test drive through San Francisco featuring 3D mapping
  • Drives heavy traffic to the booth
  • Brings OnStar product experience to life

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