Delivering an immersive, multi-sensory 1,650 sq. ft. experience

The Background:

The Gilead custom experience at the IAS Conference provides a welcoming, impactful environment for HCPs to learn about the ease and effectiveness of Biktarvy, Gilead’s revolutionary HIV treatment option with a one-pill-a-day regimen. The IAS Conference on HIV Science is the world’s most influential biennial event on HIV research and its applications, welcoming more than 6,000 community leaders, advocates, researchers, funders, and policy makers.

The exhibit is all the more important as Mexico is the first Latin American country to launch a major rollout of Biktarvy.

The Design and Attendee Experience:

The custom Gilead IAS design draws inspiration from the messaging and imagery featured in the brand’s Biktarvy promotional campaign -- “The Beauty of Possibilities.” As the campaign features roses, it’s only fitting that the exhibit also features them, with real flowers and images of roses appearing throughout.

When attendees enter the immersive, 1650 sq. ft. experience, they’re welcomed by a local area representative, who helps them get acquainted. From hands-on demonstrations, F&B, lounge seating, and striking wide-format graphics, the exhibit truly immerses participants in the Gilead universe. The exhibit also features several interactives, developed by Gilead’s agency, Omnitech, featuring a campaign loop and touchscreen drug detail tool (on both 65” screens and iPads).

The open layout plan provides attendees with plenty of opportunities to gather, with mixed-use seating areas allowing for smaller in-depth HCP interactions, as well as larger, more casual conversations.

One of the most beautiful, sensory elements of the Gilead IAS experience is a hospitality area featuring a living rose wall. Amidst a backdrop of several red roses (along with a mounted informational interactive), attendees can choose from a variety of premium Nespresso flavors to enjoy.

A separate Medical Information area welcomes anyone with inquiries on scientific information, clinical paper provision and training to provide attendees with a fully educational experience.

The Results:

The custom-built experience provides the perfect platform for the brand to spread awareness and build education on Biktarvy, in a way that’s interactive, multi-sensory, and educational all at the same time.

  • 1650 sq. ft.
  • Custom design supporting Biktarvy’s global launch
  • Incorporated casual and formal conversation areas with custom made furniture
  • Featured a living rose wall to bring the “Beauty of Possibilities” campaign to life
  • Medical Information area for inquiries on scientific information, clinical paper provision and training
  • Hospitality focusing on local specialties

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