Celebration of the Brand’s Commitment to Leadership

The Objective

eBay Open is a conference for power sellers to connect, network, and learn best practices to help maximize sales on the eBay platform. The design and build of the responsive eBay Open event website highlights key event messaging and details, including event agenda, informational workshops, speakers, and ticket details. The eBay Open site generates 16,000 monthly users, 21,500 average monthly sessions, and 39,700 average monthly page views.

In addition to the eBay Open event website, the build and maintenance includes pages for the Ebay Shine Awards — a program that recognizes the most inspirational small businesses on eBay. Functionality roll outs include a submissions form, backend scoring system for submission sorting, and public voting functionality.

The Design

The easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly website design enables quick access for all attendees to view official event updates and agenda information while at eBay Open, whether on desktop or mobile. Additionally, a full backend system is in place for the eBay Shine Awards voting pages, which supports user-friendly functionality of viewing and selecting nominees to cast secure votes throughout the duration of the contest.

The User Experience

The inspiration behind the eBay Open event website design is to create a supplementary experience to the design of eBay Open and to mirror the celebratory atmosphere of the event (i.e. lots of confetti!)

As users journey through the website, they land on the homepage which presents the most important and relevant information to eBay Open, including date and location information, what to expect, and how to register. As they move through the site users are able to obtain more granular information most relevant to their experiences, such as planning out their days by browsing workshops and speakers, and having the most up-to-date agenda by day available. Additionally, users are able to visit the Shine Awards page where they can either submit a small business for consideration or vote for nominated contestants. Each eBay Open workshop and general session is recorded and available on the website after the event.

Stand-Out Design Elements

The eBay Open and Shine Awards pages are all custom built and coded to be responsive on any device. Additionally, a custom backend administrative system facilitates Shine Awards voting. Functionality includes limits to daily voting per individual, access to contestant profiles and information, a backend page to view submissions and voting tallies — all “behind the scenes” custom tools for the Shine team.

The Results

The eBay Open event website experience achieves its goals through smart UX and thoughtful design. It delivers event information and content in ways that not only look beautiful but are easy to interact with on a number of different platforms.

  • ebay Open event microsite
  • Custom design and build of responsive site
  • Highlights key event messaging, agenda, workshops, speakers and ticket details
  • 16k monthly users, 21.5k average monthly sessions, 39.7k average monthly page views
  • Built out ebay Shine Awards page functions; submission forms, voting features and backend scoring system

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