Celebration of the Brand’s Commitment to Leadership

The much anticipated eBay Open  2018 celebrates the brand’s commitment to leadership within the e-commerce platform space. Selling out at a record pace, the event inspires sellers to adopt new tools while maintaining its roots as a “sellerbration.” 2,500 attendees catch-up with old friends and make new ones, while sponsors and exhibitors are ready to help eBay business owners grow their online enterprises.

Top Seller Summit
This year’s eBay Open 2018 incorporates the Top Seller Summit—a celebration of the highest-achieving sellers. Combining both events allows Top Sellers to access the motivational experiences of Open while Open attendees are exposed to best practices from all levels. The Open + Top Sellers event combination ultimately creates a richer experience for all attendees.

Approachable learning environments
The core of eBay Open 2018 event design is light-hearted, approachable environments with an emphasis on education. The expo floor features four giant “breadcrumbs” that tease informational workshops; a giant piece of cheese where attendees learn how to take better photos or an oversized screwdriver that’s home base to learn about new selling tools. Brand ambassadors on the expo floor “shoot” eBay cash cannons that rain down “bills” that include eBay’s new payment information. Key educational takeaways are infused with the same colorful, unexpected moments of connection for which the brand is known.

Messages of inspiration and encouragement weave throughout the design of the entire event. At registration, attendees are met with giant Hello, Hi and Yo3D word installations that encourage interaction among the eBay community. Attendees greet each other and the eBay team alike as brand stakeholders, including the CEO, make themselves available throughout the conference.

The eBay Open 2018 and Top Seller Summit hosts a total of six General Sessions that include eight hours of content, and, nineteen repeating workshops.

Best Week Ever closing party
eBay Open 2018 week culminates at the closing party where attendees celebrate another successful conference. The Best Week Ever party features a high-energy lineup of entertainment including a light show, DJ, cover band, and special performance by eBay sellers. Guests enjoy a tater tot bar and hot sauce wall, eBay-themed popcorn and glitter disco donuts at the Best Week Ever selfie wall and GIF photo booth.

  • 2,500 attendees; Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas
  • Creative strategy and experience design across entire attendee journey, including stage design, expo floor design and experiences, two evening events, and all graphics
  • Strategy and measurement including early and ongoing research of key trends to develop event identity and driving strategy of creative and content
  • Strategy, development, creation, and speaker coaching for 6 general sessions, 8 hours of general session content, 2 original videos, 19 original animations, 19 workshops, closing video and marketing reels
  • VIP reception (400 attendees) and closing party (2,000 attendees) production, including entertainment management, food & beverage, activations, and security
  • End-to-end event production includes general session, workshops, expo floor, Top Seller reception, closing party, broadcast studio registration, housing, graphics, transportation, staffing, food & beverage, broadcast studio, photography, videography, merchandise, and everything in between.
  • Digital design and management of ebayopen.com and mobile event app

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