Celebration of the Brand’s Commitment to Leadership

The much anticipated eBay Open celebrates the brand’s commitment to leadership within the e-commerce platform space. Selling out at a record pace, the event inspires sellers to adopt new tools while maintaining its roots as a ”sellerbration.” 2,500 attendees catch-up with old friends and make new ones, while sponsors and exhibitors are ready to help eBay business owners grow their online enterprises.

Top Seller Summit

This year’s eBay Open incorporates the Top Seller Summit — a celebration of the highest-achieving sellers. Combining both events allows Top Sellers to access the motivational experiences of Open while Open attendees are exposed to best practices from all levels.  The Open + Top Sellers event combination ultimately creates a richer experience for all attendees.

Approachable learning environments

The core of eBay Open event design is light-hearted, approachable environments with an emphasis on education. The expo floor features four giant ”breadcrumbs” that tease informational workshops; a giant piece of cheese where attendees learn how to take better photos or an oversized screwdriver that’s home base to learn about new selling tools. Brand ambassadors on the expo floor ”shoot” eBay cash cannons that rain down ”bills” that include eBay’s new payment information. Key educational takeaways are infused with the same colorful, unexpected moments of connection for which the brand is known.

Messages of inspiration and encouragement weave throughout the design of the entire event. At registration, attendees are met with giant Hello, Hi and Yo3D word installations that encourage interaction among the eBay community. Attendees greet each other and the eBay team alike as brand stakeholders, including the CEO, make themselves available throughout the conference.

Creative Approach

The design of the attendee journey included themes of connection and celebration throughout, with the Expo - essentially the hub of eBay Open - standing out as the central place to connect. The Expo opens with a ”wow!” moment to demonstrate the appreciation eBay has for sellers. Confetti cannons rained onto sellers entering the space, who were met with a giant sequin wall that moved and shimmered in the eBay brand colors as attendees walked past it. Giant photo-worthy walls with sayings like ”Sell Yeah” invited sellers to share their excitement to be at Open via social platforms, while glitter donuts and decorated drinks were served to celebrate eBay and its sellers unique identity.

The Expo floor design included community lounges. More than natural spaces to connect, the eBay Open community lounges were programmed by the hour to feature hosted discussions and games designed to help sellers connect with each other on the unique benefits of the eBay platform. A daily schedule included ”Seller Pictionary,” a game show-type environment that encourages recognition of the similarities amongst sellers; ”Seller AMA,” which underscores eBay’s messaging of trust and understanding; as well as ”Meet the Execs,” an opportunity for dialogue in a space uniquely held by the sellers.

The Solution

While content and programming are paramount, an equal investment is crucial the look and feel of the conference. Working together with EBay, we, value engineered the floorplan from the previous year to create efficiencies. Booth materials needed to pop on the show floor while the cost stayed within budget. Materials were creatively used to feature the full color palette, while remaining cost effective. The work smarter-not-harder approach gave attendees a familiar footprint to navigate, while more funding was dedicated to content and strategy.

    The Result

    The overall experience rated higher than the previous year (with over half registering as returning attendees), with significant increased ratings for their understanding of managing their eBay business; their plan to increase their use of eBay offerings; and their impression of their partnership with eBay as essential to their business’ success.

    • General Session — 50,000 sq feet
    • Expo — 50,000 sq feet
    • Attendee Meals — 40,000 sq feet
    • Breakouts — 5,000 sq feet
    • Sponsor Meeting Rooms — 2,000 sq feet
    • Foyer Registration and Activation Area — 50,000 sq feet

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