The Dunlee CMEF Experience Puts The Brand’s Latest Products in the Spotlight

The Background:

At the China International Medicinal Equipment Fair (CMEF), one of the largest medical device shows in Asia, Dunlee delivers an interactive experience that’s all about product engagement and education.

It's critical for Dunlee to have an in-person experience that showcases their latest products and services, while having social distancing and safety protocols in place, because China serves as a key market for the brand.

Inside the Experience:

With CMEF 2020 being an in-person trade show, the Dunlee experience is designed with attendee engagement and safety in mind. At the entrance to the space is hand sanitizer and a reminder to wear a mask and maintain a safe 2M social distance.

Sitting prominently at the front of the exhibit is a beautiful, new display of Dunlee’s state-of-the-art CT tubes. A stand with an LED screen (positioned close to the display) invites users to tap to learn more about the individual products (a second LED screen, with the same copy and subsequent imagery, sits above the display as well).

Messaging is available in both English and Chinese to help attendees build their education on Dunlee’s offerings while limiting in-person interactions with others. In addition to products on display, large LED screens (as well as wall placards) throughout the space provide information on each device throughout. What’s more, a magnifier tool allows attendees to get an up-close look at the fine details that make up Dunlee’s 3D printing capabilities, specifically DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), the most advanced 3D metal printing process.

Private Meeting Room

To safely accommodate informal and private client meetings, the exhibit design features a ceiling-free, meeting space. As not all Dunlee team members are able to travel from Germany due to pandemic travel restrictions, virtual meeting options are available. A private meeting area (walls are sound insulated for privacy) allows for virtual meetings, complete with sanitized headsets, and monitors to allow for digital interaction.

The Results

Dunlee CMEF experience puts the brand’s latest products into the spotlight in a way that’s safe and educational for attendees. What’s more, the meeting space includes virtual capabilities to allow for important product/client interactions.

  • 1,453 sq. ft.; Custom, cohesive design and build experience
  • Self-guided attendee journey through product zones
  • Interactive CT display to show new product range in one location
  • Accomodations for virtual client meetings
  • Illuminated signage, accent lighting and large-scale graphics in English and Chinese