50 Years of History

The decor inside the new Dolby headquarters is a blend of technology, science and art—foundational elements that tell the half-century old San Francisco company’s story. The new experience, encompassing 1,500 sq. ft., is designed from the ground up to celebrate Dolby’s 50-year history of combining science with design.

The curated, multi-use lobby design converts to numerous arrangements from one-on-one engagements to large group presentations. Multifunctional displays convert to several interactive configurations that drive Dolby content.

Since the 1960s, Dolby Laboratories is a leader in innovation. Beginning with Dolby® noise reduction, a form of audio compression and expansion that reduces background hiss in tape recording, the brand boasts many groundbreaking technologies, advancing the science of audio and video reproduction. From the cinema to your living room, Dolby transforms the entertainment experience. Today, Dolby technologies are found in cinemas, professional recording studios, video games, laser discs, DVDs, mobile media, digital broadcast TV, digital cable, and satellite systems.

Dolby headquarters is the home of hundreds of artists, scientists, and engineers dedicated to the study of human perception, the experience of artistic immersion, and the joy of creative invention. They pour their curiosity and imagination into technological breakthroughs that transform today’s audio and visual experiences in ways you never thought possible. And they’re just getting started.

  • 1,500 sq. ft.; San Francisco, CA
  • Modular lobby showcase
  • Multifunction, convertible displays
  • Curated multi-use space

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