Fun While You Learn

Comcast STUDIO XFINITY is a new 9,000 sq. ft. Chicago store that brings together TV and Internet technology in a unique store experience. It serves as an interactive space where customers experience Comcast’s wide range of Internet, video, voice, and home security products and services—and have fun while they learn.

The Comcast STUDIO XFINITY space features LED screens, large-scale media installations, tablets, and touchscreen surfaces. Three studios, outfitted with oversized screens and theater-style seating, entice customers to play single- or multi-player games or watch live Xfinity product demos. The store holds informational and fun events and activities, ranging from educational workshops and product demos to sports-related events and game nights. Casual seating areas and a coffee bar encourage customers to stay long after their cable business is done.

STUDIO XFINITY is part of a companywide effort to transform the customer experience. The Enhanced Customer Engagement Model begins upon entering the store. Customers are greeted by brand team members upon arrival. The ambassador serve as a guide throughout the visit and provide support after the customer leaves the store.

“Comcast STUDIO XFINITY is a transformational retail environment designed to give our customers new ways to experience our products and services,” said John Crowley, senior vice president of Comcast’s Greater Chicago Region. “STUDIO XFINITY is a significant investment and is part of a much larger effort underway here in Chicago and around the country to redefine the customer experience."

  • Clyborn Corridor, Chicago, IL
  • 9,000 sq. ft.
  • State-of-the-art demonstration towers
  • 46 interactive tablets and touchscreen surfaces
  • Immersive merchandise wall
  • Media-rich entertainment area

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