Callaway’s Presence at the Show is an Extension of the Brand

At the PGA Merchandise Show, Callaway holds court on the exhibit floor with a 13,650 sq. ft. Merchandise booth and a 4,500 sq. ft. Apparel booth. In the golfing industry, the Callaway brand is well-known with a renowned reputation that speaks for itself. Callaway’s presence at the PGA Merchandise Show is a literal extension of this brand, and its booth consists of simple features with precise branding and a focused attention to detail. The goal behind the Merchandise and Apparel spaces is to provide a clean and inviting sales environment that’s also fun and innovative.

The Merchandise Booth

The goal of the Callaway Merchandise booth’s design is to immerse PGA Merchandise Show guests and clients in the Callaway brand on an oversized scale. Key booth components are purposely oversized to draw in attendees and place the Callaway brand front and center. Features include oversized wall panels that surround the booth, large rep stations that accommodate sales staff and clients, and an oversized, curved projection screen that can be seen from across the show floor.

The Merchandise booth’s overall color scheme is black and white, while the center of the booth features a large, full-color wall that immerses attendees’ in the brand and amplifies the overall experience.

Various demo stations throughout the booth invite attendees to test out products — finding the perfect fit in golf clubs at the club stands, going hands-on with the new AI designed MAVRIK clubs, taking advantage of in-booth putting greens to experience ODYSSEY putters, and checking out all of the latest Callaway accessories. Each club and bag display includes multimedia showcasing each product.

Four private meeting rooms are available for deep dive conversations, and an exclusive retail area invites visitors to browse the latest in golf and travel bags along with accessories. Additional spaces include a blogger room and a media room.

The Apparel Booth

The Callaway Apparel booth, a continuation of its Merchandise booth, features an exclusive WeatherTech area that showcases Callaway’s new product line with SEG-backlit attention-grabbing graphics that further draw in attendees. Four torso mannequins positioned along the wall highlight the new Callaway lines.

A window display at the front of the booth includes a multimedia display with video on loop, adding to the visual richness of the experience.

Retail areas include shoes, clothing, and hardware and feature tees, ball markers, and even a practice putting green.

Additional Elements

Callaway is also part of the PGA Merchandise Show’s Demo Day that takes place at a local golf course, inviting attendees to further experience the brand off the show floor.

Merchandise Booth

  • 13,650 sq. ft.
  • Oversized wall panels, large rep stations and oversized, curved projection screen
  • Large full color wall that immerses attendees in the brand
  • Various demo stations to test products
  • Four private meeting rooms, blogger room and media room

Apparel Booth

  • 4,500 sq. ft.
  • Retail area invites visitors to browse the latest in golf and travel bags and accessories
  • Two private meeting rooms
  • WeatherTech area showcases the new product line; is SEG backlit with attention grabbing graphics
  • Window display in the front of the booth with multimedia on loop

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