Telling a compelling product story within various key occasions

Creating a Multicultural Father’s Day Campaign

To highlight Father’s Day and close the brand’s generational gap, Budweiser sought to promote its brand as the traditional “first beer I had with Dad” to a younger multicultural generation, while also re-engaging their older demographic. The concept was a video that would run on the brand’s social platforms in celebration of the cultural moment.

The challenge was creating the content within a short timeframe, with limited brand assets available, and within a COVID environment. Our content team developed the storyboard and script as well as edited imagery and a soundtrack that would appeal to a multicultural audience and drive the emotion desired for a Father’s Day promotion, being sensitive to the social isolation that many families were experiencing at the time. The video ended with a moment of virtual cheers and the iconic Budweiser tagline: “This Bud’s for Dad.”

Edited and produced in both English and Spanish, the published videos went live on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter leading up to the Father’s Day holiday.

Summer Campaigns: Out-of-Home Media Content

Budweiser's summer initiatives varied in key messaging and storytelling across product imagery and marketing assets.

The promotion of new Limited-Edition Patriotic cans needed to maintain all primary elements, yet stand out in a clear way that was both uniquely ownable and visually striking. For a quick-read billboard deliverable, camo patterning was magnified as a distinct graphic device that united the Budweiser brand, USA patriotism, and new product sensibility, while prioritizing legibility at scale. This creative was also successfully translated across mobile and social media executions, and helped drive launch awareness at several points of contact.

Our team was additionally tasked with an artful and engaging Out-of-Home creative to carry on an 80-year sponsorship tradition of the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally. Artwork was then distributed to regional teams for local market implementation.

The Results

In all instances, the Budweiser content marketing campaigns were very well received, generating positive brand sentiment, and remaining true to the iconic nature of Budweiser.

Budweiser Content Marketing Campaigns -- Sparks Scope:

  • Content strategy, storyboarding and scripting
  • Content management, editing and production
  • Graphics design