Create Beautiful Southern Ambiance in a New York Minute

The Crown & Ivy brand, known for bright colors and bold patterns, features preppy womenswear, accessories and home goods. The smart, fast-growing brand requires a quick retail program solution—Sparks rapid production program covers 20 unique fixtures across 92 retail locations. From first order to first installation, including production and transit time, is a phenomenal 81 days.

The Crown & Ivy package includes a combination of functional and visual elements: tables, nesters, hang racks, back wall awnings, hanging awnings, runways, and shutters. Finishes and materials include high-gloss paint, high-gloss powder coat, mirrors, acrylic, and canvas. The store retail experience evokes the southern style and charm popularly attributed to the Crown & Ivy brand.

Originated in 2014, Crown & Ivy is a private label owned by Charlotte, North Carolina based Belk Department Stores. Upon launch the women’s collection is an immediate hit offering ready-to-wear that’s modern, distinctively southern and stylish. The womenswear line is built on a foundation of everyday separates that can be mixed and matched depending on the customer’s individual style. The brand extends the concept to a men’s collection, kid’s clothing and women’s shoes. Bright, preppy home goods are also part of the brand mix.

  • 92 retail locations in 81 days
  • 20 unique fixtures
  • tables, nesters, hang racks, awnings, runways, and shutters
  • Materials include high-gloss paint, high-gloss powder coat, mirrors, acrylic, canvas

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