b8ta Takes its Retail-as-a-Service Concept on the Road

The Background:

When it comes to innovation and delivering products to consumers in a truly unique way, “retail-as-a-service” company, b8ta, takes it to a whole new level. Starting in 2015, the company - with a focus on consumer electronics and home goods - develops an exciting, interactive way for customers to learn about the products it’s selling. When consumers enter a b8ta retail store, they’re invited to learn and try the latest products in tech, consumer electronics, and more - out of the box. This “retail-as-a-service” approach is all about closing the gap between the way consumers browse products online and how they experience them in-store.

The b8ta Mobile Holiday Roadshow Experience

As b8ta continues to expand, a major part of its focus is to open new retail stores (currently the brand has 20+ across the United States) to deliver its out of the box product experience and unique retail-as-a-service approach to as many people as possible. In 2019, b8ta decides to take its unique offerings on the road, going mobile with the 2019 b8ta Holiday Roadshow. This traveling experience is all about generating brand awareness, driving sales, and most importantly, sharing its values and dedication to its retail-as-a-service model.

The b8ta mobile Holiday Roadshow delivers a retail experience similar to b8ta’s brick and mortar retail stores, with the hottest products on display for consumers to learn about, test out, and try in some cases, before anyone else.

From November 2019 through January 2020, the 24’l x 10’w drop down b8ta trailer (with an additional 48”l x 9 ½”w expansion) hits the road. This mobile retail store travels to malls in 10 cities across the United States, including Philadelphia, Nashville, Charlotte, Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Diego, Irvine. In Las Vegas, the destination is none other than the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Let’s take a deeper dive into the immersive, interactive, and truly out-of-the box b8ta Holiday Roadshow mobile experience!

The Experience:

The b8ta Mobile Holiday Roadshow experience invites customers to step into a world where interaction, engagement, and education are paramount. From the moment visitors enter the b8ta mobile trailer from the open passenger side, a wide variety of b8ta product displays come into view, all waiting to be explored.

With a similar out-of-the-box method, customers can touch and test the exciting, cutting edge products, all laid out in a sleek, inviting way throughout. Make no mistake, the b8ta mobile retail experience is indeed a real store.

While customers are free to read and interact with the products, staff are onsite to provide product information and provide fun, friendly demonstrations. Everything from GE smart light bulbs, smart switches/plugs, a Meural smart art frame, and even in some cases, drones, are literally out of the box and available for demo. Next to each product are tablets that include product specs. These provide even more helpful guidance as customers explore.

When clients want to make a product purchase, they can do so onsite via a b8ta payment portal, or they have the option to purchase online with at-home delivery.

Visitors to the b8ta Mobile Holiday Roadshow experience enjoy testing out the various products and engage in fun and informative conversations with the staff. The experience is all about getting an intimate, up-close look at the products while getting to know b8ta as a brand, and its dedication to providing intimate, meaningful, product experiences.

What’s more, the b8ta mobile experience mirrors the in-store method in another important way. Brands have the opportunity to sign up online, place their products, and then utilize b8ta software to track and address their store experiences. All that separates the b8ta mobile tour from its physical retail counterparts is the fact that it’s on wheels!

The Stand-Out Design Elements:

The entrance to the trailer is a wide opening providing a full view of the sleek, inviting, product displays inside the trailer. A beautiful display table at the front of the trailer greets visitors as soon as they enter, enticing them to interact with all of the products in place throughout.

This display table hosts smaller items that visitors can pick up, hold, and test out, all contributing to that real out-of-the box experience. To ensure the items can be removed easily and travel from city to city, the table top lifts up, with the side walls closing in.

Moving counterclockwise to a short front wall and long side walls, visitors can play with even more products - all securely affixed, but available to check out. Portable cabinets offer additional display areas in front of the trailer expanding the store footprint. While they one display one product each, the sales experiences are that much more intimate and make room for deeper conversations between visitors and b8ta staff.

For a look and feel that gives customers the same feeling they experience in b8ta brick and mortar retail stores, the mobile experience’s modern, standout black and white color palette and materials are all reflective of those used in-store.

What’s more, the long display table at the entrance and the nesting table in the bump use a rustic wood slat construction that mimics the company’s in-store fixtures. Wall shelves and decor as well as product risers also resemble in-store decor.

The Results:

The b8ta Holiday Roadshow spreads brand awareness while embodying b8ta’s dedication to providing meaningful in-store experiences. The Roadshow allows b8ta to reach customers - existing and potential, in a way that’s fun, engaging, affordable, and memorable.

  • 10-city, experiential retail activation
  • 250 sq. ft expandable trailer
  • Mimics look and feel of existing b8ta stores
  • Outfitted with custom fixtures, graphics, materials and color pallets
  • Stocked with an elite selection of partner products
  • Multiple product touchpoints, demo stations and informational tablet

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