Welcome to the “Fun House”

At the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Aristocrat Gaming’s multi-sensory, 14,000 sq. ft. exhibit was all about fun. As a leader in the gaming industry, Aristocrat wanted to make an unforgettable impact at the Expo and engaged Sparks to bring their brand story and messaging to life. Their objectives were clear: they wanted to introduce their new branding and products, deepen their existing relationships and connect with new clients in-person.

Welcome to the “Fun House”

The company's brand essence, which is an open invitation to play, was the main inspiration behind the design. Bright colors and lively characters pervaded the space and created a playful and vibrant atmosphere. A carnival’s house of mirrors was the influence behind the impressive branded entry tunnel which was finished with reflective materials and showcased the company’s new gaming machines. Eye-catching lights, sounds and visuals created a full, sensory experience that was ideal for sharing on social media!

Theatrical lighting was used throughout the space to enhance branding, spotlight gaming areas and highlight the customer journey. In keeping with the playful atmosphere, the experience didn't include formal meeting rooms. Instead, a warm hospitality area allowed attendees to hold impromptu sales conversations, to reconnect with their peers and to forge new business relationships.

Low walls around the perimeter of the exhibit gave it a feeling of exclusivity. This was fitting given that the space was only open to invited guests. Use of the intelligent Envoy registration and meeting system at reception allowed for a seamless experience for customers when visiting the booth.

The Key Highlights

Aristocrat's impressive G2E environment achieved the company’s goal of introducing new products in a fun and engaging way. It also provided the perfect platform to unveil new branding and reach targeted audiences.

  • Introduced new products immediately in an innovative and eye-catching entry tunnel that appeared in several postshow press releases!
  • Designed an exclusive experience that showcased Aristocrat as a premier gaming company
  • Used cutting edge materials to create a “Fun House”-style design for the exhibit
  • Ensured Aristocrat’s new branding was seen throughout the entire space
  • Created an inviting area that allowed for attendee networking and business meetings
  • Deployed an intelligent Envoy registration and meeting system at reception to create a seamless experience for customers when visiting the booth.
  • Used security monitoring within open areas of the exhibit.

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