Aristocrat at the Global Gaming Expo

Setting the Stage – It’s All About what’s NEXT
G2E aka the Global Gaming Expo is THE hottest place for leading brands in the gaming industry to showcase their newest technologies and innovations – and for Aristocrat it’s the perfect platform to give 27,000 attendees a multi-sensory, hybrid experience that completely captures the essence of their latest campaign – it’s all about what’s NEXT.

To highlight all of the ways they’re shaping what’s to come in the world of casino gaming, Aristocrat takes an interactive, digital approach. From the moment attendees walk into the immersive Aristocrat G2E environment, their senses are flooded with digital content AND interactive stations where they get to control the content they experience.

What Does the Experience Look Like?
Before we get into the details of the Aristocrat G2E experiences’ design, let’s talk about the inspiration. How do you tell the story of what’s coming in the future? You get futuristic! The film Tron Legacy inspires much of the overall design, specifically the VIP room and double deck. So, what does the entire Aristocrat G2E experience look and feel like?

The Look and Feel

The completely immersive environment looks like it came straight off the casino floor and features 316 games – yes, over 300! A brand new 360-degree gaming station takes center stage to further entice attendees. To create a beautiful environment that leaves a lasting impression, 155’ wide x 24’ tall high resolution LED wall floods the booth with custom content at all times. And let’s not forget about the four, smaller standalone curved high-res LED walls (coming in at about 16’w x 8’ tall).

The exclusive, invite-only VIP room displays new technologies and gives attendees a chance to play in a tournament – talk about a once in a lifetime experience! What’s more, the double deck is outfitted with UV reflective properties that literally make it glow like it’s out of this world! Pair that with theatrical lighting and you have an experience that can’t NOT stand out in a sea of the usual effects.

The Experience from the Attendee Perspective

Everything about the Aristocrat G2E experience is all about attendee comfort and fun. A 60’ diameter area in the space’s front hot corner serves a spot where people can get a hands-on demo, sit on comfy couches, grab a cup of coffee, AND play with some interactive touch screens.

The opposite front hot corner takes attendees to another galaxy, offering up a photo opportunity with Star Trek characters! Pics can be easily shared to social media - #LiveLongandProsper indeed!

Six meeting rooms give attendees space to get their important work done, the double deck comes with lounge seating, and information is always available via the giant LED wall that serves one of the standout features.

Deep Dive into the Technology

To really show – not just tell – it’s theme of encapsulating what’s next, the Aristocrat G2E experience uses exciting technology. The four interactive touch screens give attendees the option of navigating themselves through the experience at their leisure OR they can have a sales rep walk them through the content.

The four 16’w x 8’ tall, stand-alone, high-res LED walls are constantly pumping content into the space, while the tall LED wall (155’w x 24’tall) highlights the leader board from the exclusive VIP tournament, alerts attendees to upcoming booth activations, and of course, is gorgeous eye candy.

That Star Trek photo opp? It features a 180 degree bullet-time camera. And, like we said, it’s all about social sharing! Attendees can share their fave photos from the Star Trek bridge right to their Instagram pages. For the brand, this is a win because it also helps promote their Star Trek games, and who doesn’t love a fun takeaway?


  • Immersive casino environment, showcasing 316 games
  • Front and center, a new 360-degree gaming station
  • Exclusive, invite-only, VIP room displaying new technologies and allowing attendees to play in a tournament.
  • 155’ wide x 24’ tall high resolution LED wall flooding the booth with custom content at all times
  • Double deck outfitted with UV reflective properties that make it glow like it’s out of this world, in conjunction with the theatrical lighting, making the entire booth stand out in a sea of the usual effects.

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