Building the Buzz Around Clean Beauty

The Opportunity to Intimately Connect with Audiences

It’s not often people get the opportunity to connect with a major brand on an intimate level. But sustainable cosmetics supplier, Aprinnova, offered up that opportunity with an evening experience in Paris that welcomed leading cosmetics industry brands and beauty influencers from around the world.

Held the night before opening day of one of the largest trade shows for the personal-care industry in Europe, in-cosmetics, the primary objective for the Aprinnova Future of Clean Beauty reception was to generate awareness around “clean” beauty, and to kick off the promotional campaign for its sustainable product line.

An Evening of Sustainable Beauty

To bring the experience to life, our U.S. creative team collaborated with Aprinnova stateside, while our Paris team conducted site surveys and worked with European partners on logistics, installation, and food and beverage. Throughout the process, our goal was to communicate and carry out Aprinnova’s vision, and set the stage for a seamless event.

The chosen venue, a rooftop restaurant on top of the Paris museum, Quai Branly, offered up stunning views of the Eiffel Tower and provided the perfect location for the Aprinnova Future of Clean Beauty reception. To make sure the venue exuded Aprinnova’s essence, we brought in fresh plants and flowers, adding them as decoration on green walls. Those, combined with large-scale graphics, formed the backdrop for the stage and the space’s product demonstration stations.

We also added branded panels, equipped with lighting appropriate for an evening event, as well as five LED totems to spice up the reception’s digital component. A photo booth, with the Eiffel Tower as its backdrop, was designed to appeal to the guest list, largely social media beauty influencers, and encourage them to post about the event on Instagram and social media.

With photo opportunity areas, product displays, and stunning scenery, the vibrant space allowed for networking, fun, and most importantly an opportunity for Aprinnova to shine a light on its products, people, and vision for a sustainable future.

Key Highlights

The buzz and brand awareness generated by the Apprinova Future of Clean Beauty reception kept going long after the event was over. With nearly 3 million followers among them, the beauty influencers in attendance took to their social media channels to share about the event, resulting in thousands of engagements with Aprinnova through an experience that elevated “clean” beauty and its important role in the future of the cosmetics industry.

  • Designed and executed a reception that highlighted the Aprinnova brand and its vision
  • Customized the venue with a tight turnaround time
  • Generated buzz and awareness for the brand’s sustainable, “clean” beauty product line
  • Invited 130 brands, cosmetic leaders and influencers, generating thousands of interactions on social media

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