A Visit to Apartment 5G is All Treats, No Tricks

T-Mobile and Reese’s came together to deliver the ultimate trick-or-treating experience in a New York City neighborhood and select T-Mobile stores within the United States to illustrate the value and power of 5G in the tastiest and most entertaining way.

Apartment 5G

We transformed a traditional brownstone home in New York City’s Park Slope neighborhood into a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience using thematic magenta and orange lighting, sounds and decor to feature two of the world’s most recognizable consumer brands in the marketplace.

When visitors approached the larger-than-life Apartment 5G door, they pressed the 5G button—a custom 3D-printed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup doorbell—and tons of Reese’s candy shot into their bags at top speed—a representation of T-Mobile's 5G capabilities.

Adults and kids alike enjoyed scaled versions of the same experience in T-Mobile retail stores in Santa Monica, CA, Southlake, TX, and Miami, FL. Both the main and supplemental experiences boosted exposure and reach but most importantly, provided children across the country with happy, memorable, and safe Halloween experiences.

Key Results and Highlights

The Apartment 5G Halloween experience served as a delicious and fun way to demonstrate the power of 5G and how it’s leaps and bounds faster than 3G and 4G.

  • Developed “Apartment 5G” an exciting Halloween trick-or-treating activation that brought together T-Mobile and Reese’s in a busy Brooklyn, NY neighborhood
  • Transformed select T-Mobile stores around the United States into unique trick-or-treat experiences while maintaining COVID-safety and health protocols
  • Distributed 5,000 limited-edition Take 5G Bars
  • Created social buzz around the unique partnership between T-Mobile and Reese’s all while highlighting 5G capabilities

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