Retailer Aldo Uses Digital Experiences to Delight their Customers

Aldo, a fashion forward footwear and accessory brand, launches their Aldo 360 View digital retail experience at Salesforce Dreamforce. The experience creates a 360° view of the Aldo shopper’s journey based on the rich customer data Salesforce gathers. Aldo’s vision, “delight customers with magic moments,” is made possible by digital technology investments in their stores. Beacons allow customers to receive real-time, personalized notifications while shopping in the stores. Mobile integration of store inventory frees up Aldo sales associates to spend more face time with customers.

Salesforce integrates chat, email and text messaging, making every interaction with customers smarter. Now, Aldo offers timely, relevant content and products customers are searching for in physical stores, online and on social media channels. By consolidating customer data on a single Salesforce platform, Aldo gains greater insights into shopper preferences—a powerful, competitive edge to better serve their customers. Customer expectations and engagement are “delightfully” delivered wherever they shop. The Aldo 360 View experience at Salesforce Dreamforce sets new records for attendee check-ins.

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  • In-depth 360 customer view at Salesforce Dreamforce
  • Features unique non-polarized LCD screens
  • Experience includes custom video and motion graphics
  • Sets record for attendee scans of any check-in experience

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